Yellow Feet Causes: Diabetes, Calluses and Liver Conditions

Yellow Feet Causes Diabetes, Calluses and Liver Conditions

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What are Yellow Feet?

If you are facing the yellow skin color of your feet, then you need not worry much about it, as this is very common.

The skin could be discovered by different pressure situations which the feet as faced. However, in several cases, some underlying condition could be the main reason behind the yellow feet color.

Thus, please make sure that you keep on reading the article until the end and gain as much knowledge as possible to obtain the best results in the future.


Yellow Feet Causes: Calluses

A very thick layer of hardened skin that gets developed beneath our feet is called calluses. The areas below the feet that are frequently exposed to high pressure and moderate friction conditions.

Thus, the feet bottom and areas like heels or feet balls are prone to develop Calluses and related issues.

Yellow Feet Causes: Calluses

The color of Calluses is a bit thicker and pale yellow that differs entirely from the normal human skin color.

Some of the prevalent and common symptoms of Calluses are;

  1. Dehydrated and extremely flaky skin tone.
  2. Skin having the smooth touch and feel.
  3. Tough and thick skin tone.

If the appearance of Calluses starts irritating, then you can have it treated at any medical store or hospital.


Yellow Feet Causes: Jaundice

In the condition of Jaundice, the white coloured portion of your eye turns yellowish. When the human body breaks down the red blood cells, then a yellow color substance called bilirubin gets formed.

This waste travels to the digestive system via the human liver, thereby eliminating it has a waste.

Yellow Feet Causes Jaundice

In case or body is unable to export all the bilirubin. It accumulates in the bloodstream and leaks out in the skin.

Some of the common reasons behind Jaundice are listed below;

  1. Failure of liver or issues with the body parts.
  2. Inflammation of the cartilage.
  3. Disease-related to the human liver.
  4. Use of medicines that destroy or break down the red blood cells.
  5. Use of herbal enhancements.

A simple bilirubin test by the doctor can help you quickly detect Jaundice or any other related diseases. Gain proper medical advice and get your doctor’s consultation without any delays.


Carotenemia Causes Yellow Feet

When there are excessive carotenoids in your bloodstream, then it causes a problem called Carotenemia.

Many bright coloured fruits and vegetables have a very peculiar yellowish substance called carotenoids. This substance leaves the human body via the following paths;

  • Urea
  • Stool
  • Skin Oils
  • Sweat

The blockage of these carotenoids could lead to the yellow color of the skin, which is readily observable near your palms and bottom of your feet.

Make sure that you have a proper work-life balance, and you are eating healthy food. Thus, gain appropriate medical advice and get your doctor’s consultation without any delays.


Diet and Food Habits

The most common cause of yellow feet color is the diet and the food habits of the patients. Some of the fruits and vegetables that cause a yellow color in the bottom of the skin are;

  1. Sweet potatoes
  2. Pumpkin and Squash
  3. Peppers
  4. Green spuds
  5. Citrus Berries
  6. Nutritional Complements

However, to notice them working, you need to consume all of them in considerable numbers to have a visible effect on your skin.


Symptoms of Yellow Feet

A Podiatrist is a doctor with a specialization in skin conditions. If you have encountered any skin related issues like skin color change or yellow color behind your feet, then you must consult a podiatrist.

Other than your feet also are some places where the yellow color of the skin is observable. In such conditions, try visiting a doctor for a piece of expert advice.

The symptoms and the diagnosis could be done by the following tests i.e.

  1. A simple blood glucose test.
  2. Some liver tests.
  3. A bilirubin test to detect jaundice and related issues.
  4. A complete blood count test.
  5. CT Scan or MRI test.


Is it a problem worth thinking about?

While the yellow color of the skin is often not a very serious issue, but sometimes this may be related to some medical emergency conditions.

  1. Black stools are coming from the body.
  2. Severe abnormal body pain or drowsiness.
  3. Fever or vomiting.
  4. Very high bleeding or bruising.


So, I would say that you need not worry much about it as it might not always be a severe issue. At times if the problem does not get solved in a short time, then you must consult a doctor.

Therefore, with proper medication and expert opinion, your issues will be quickly resolved.


Final Verdict Regarding Yellow Feet Causes

Yellow Feet Causes is not a very alarming problem and, most of the time, could be treated with simple bed rest or one or two check-ups by some expert doctors.

At the same time, if it happens at excessive levels, then it can cause immense pain and body ache. The entire body can go to fail, even leading to serious medical injuries.

The yellow color could be either due to high friction and pressure points or else a colorful dosage of fruits and vegetables.

However, at times it might be some serious issue that could require specific treatments to be taken under doctors’ advice only.

We recommend you to visit a good hospital and gain proper medical advice from the doctor. Also, small changes in daily life like regular exercising or doing yoga could be beneficial and helpful to maintain a work-life balance.


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