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Daily Health Cures is on a mission to publish quality content and knowledge on home remedies and cures for health problems. Our readers are provided with updated and validated information on medical studies, diseases, and treatments.

Our goal is to create an honest rapport between readers and medical professionals by offering actionable healthcare information. Our commitment towards bringing authoritative and understandable information is fuelled by growing interests of netizens for being aware of different ailments and diseases.

We debunk myths, reveal facts and offer a roadmap on how you can retain optimum health at all times. We would like to continue doing so, and our efforts towards revealing best health outcomes entail financial support.

Daily Health Cures is inviting advertisers from the healthcare and personal care industry to come forth and promote their products. Since our content treads along the lines of pharmaceutical products, traditional medicines, and therapeutics, our readers are interested in getting instant access to your products.

Here’s How You Can Advertise with Us

Below guidelines illustrate our advertisement and sponsorship policy. Funding from our advertisers provides us the impetus to include more topics under our umbrella. With the support of advertisements, we intend to deliver comprehensive experiences to our readers.

  • Criteria for Ad Selection

How we chose ads is at our sole discretion. We determine the type of ads being offered. We weigh their contribution with respect to adding value in reader experiences. Advertisements will get rejected on the account for inappropriate content, nonexistent portrayal, and amateur designing.

Our readers have the liberty to flag ads by emailing us. Such ads will be removed in an event of increasing complaints.

  • We Don’t Endorse, We Enlist

Products appearing on our site are not endorsed by us. Our acceptance of any advertisement doesn’t make us liable for considering an endorsement. We have no say in guaranteeing our readers with respect to the effectiveness and claims of your product(s) and service(s).

  • Clear Distinction from Sponsored and Non-sponsored Content

Over the years, we have sought sponsorships from trusted and credible manufacturers, service providers and organizations. While these sponsorships provide the financial benefit, we also ensure our readers aren’t misled.

Sponsored content will be distinguished by labeling it under: ‘advertisement’, ‘from our sponsors’, ‘sponsored resource’, or ‘sponsored by’.

Please make a note that our editorial autonomy is absolutely inflexible. We never allow sponsors to influence our content. Our editorial team solely controls the content and filters out sponsored content.

  • Our Co-branding Program

We have added another goal to our mission – providing valuable and trust products to readers. In our co-branding program, we recommend your products to our readers and ensure a reliable experience. Any cobranded content will take the users to a page that explains why we have partnered with a certain brand and its products.

Pointers on Our Ad Policy

1. We can choose to approve or reject advertising at any time; this authority rests at our discretion
2. To get approved, your ad content should not be insensitive towards broad topics
3. We don’t tolerate cultural and lingual discrimination in our advertisements
4. Ads can mildly encourage, promote and facilitate products or services
5. Actionable content should be under the US law
6. We restrict ads that are bordering on breach of intellectual property rights
7. Alcohol, pornography, gambling, smoking, firearms, tobacco, terrorism, and related materials will be instantly rejected
8. Video, animations and static banners are welcomed but will be approved as per the input range of our webpage designers

To get specific information on advertisement criteria, please contact Daily Health Cures today at [email protected].

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