Sternum Popping: List of Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Sternum Popping

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What is Sternum Popping?

The word Sternum Popping is composed of 2 different names, namely “Sternum” and “Popping.” Now, let us understand their meanings one by one;

Sternum –>  This is the elongated flat bone located in the middle of the human chest. It is connected to the cartilage with the support of the 1st seven ribs of the backbone.

Popping –>  This refers to the pop sound that is audible to the people in general day to day lives.

Thus, the term Sternum Popping refers to the click or pop noise from the human joints. Between the human ribs and Sternum, there exists a linkage between the human bone and cartilage in 2 different forms.

  1. The connection between cartilage and the Sternum is called the sternocostal joint.
  2. The connection between cartilage and the ribs is called the costochondral joint.

What is Sternum Popping

The Sternum popping is not considered to be a reason to worry until the following symptoms are observable like;

  1. Excessive joint pain.
  2. Discomfort while doing any physical activity.
  3. Severe Swelling or Body ache.

Some of the remedies to this situation are incredible stretching and deep breathing. Also, in the early stage, the popping noise of the breastbone can be relaxing or chilling.


List of Causes of Sternum Popping

The cause or occurrence of Sternum to pop can be numerous, depending on the stage or condition of the patient.

Causes of Sternum Popping

Reason 1: The Breastbone Fracture

When the human bone is exposed to some trauma incident, then this might result in Sternum popping. Also, it is often related to the join swelling in our bodies.

It is of utmost importance to gain medical advice because in case the injury is severe. It might require expert surgery or special treatment.


Reason 2: Muscle Straining

Similar to the sternum fracture, there might be a muscle strain or joint pull due to excessive breastbone popping.

Rest is the best medication in such scenarios. However, it is always recommended to gain proper medical advice and gain regular updates to resolve the problem.

If you gain proper medical advice and work as per doctor’s recommendations, then this could be resolved at many early stages without many issues.


Reason 3: Cartilage Inflammation

The cartilage inflammation or Costochondritis connects the Sternum to the human ribs. Thus, it becomes exceptionally different to differentiate it from other similar check pains like heart attack, etc.

The best practice would be to immediately seek expert doctors’ advice and get the results done as soon as possible.


Reason 4: Fear and Anxiety

The sternum popping sound is often correlated with stress and anxiety. In case the person suffers from any panic attack, then the breastbone popping could be even more fatal.

You should immediately consult the doctor and gain medication and treatment for Anxiety and pain.


Reason 5: Bone Dislocation

A dislocated sternum could easily get separated from the clavicle along with this. The ribs could also get separated from the Sternum. Thus the popping sound could be produced when any two joints separate from one another.

The other suggestion would be to get yourself tested with an expert doctor for other problems like a punctured lung or rib case fracture.


Reason 6: Tietze Condition

The Tietze syndrome is also the inflammation of cartilage but especially in the 3rd and the 4th human rib. This is mostly observed in young girls and women age less than 35 years.

The excessive inflammation of the cartilage leads to swelling and tenderness in the human breastbone.

This pain could end in weeks or may also take months. However, a piece of expert doctor advice is always recommended by our team to all the readers.


Reason 7: Sternal instability

The Sternal instability is commonly observable in case the human chest has a separated sternum during or after the medical surgery.

The clicking or popping sound could be generated due to this sternal instability. To avoid problems like body infection or other issues, it is recommended to consult a doctor and seek proper medical advice.


Treatment for Sternum Popping

The Sternum popping also welcomes other injuries and issue like swelling of joints and inflammation of cartilage. The possible remedy for such issues could be;

  1. Anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen (Advil) and naproxen (Aleve).
  2. Painkillers like acetaminophen (Tylenol) etc.

Treatment of Sternum Popping

If the popping is in its initial phase, it can go away quickly with some time of bed rest or special yoga exercises that could be beneficial.

Changing the daily routine and eating healthy food could also create a significant impact on your work-life balance.

However, at the same time, it should be kept in mind that the issue could be harmful to humans if not diagnosed on time. Therefore, a proper doctor’s advice and treatment are always recommended to the patients.


Final Verdict for Sternum Popping

Sternum Popping is not a very alarming problem and, most of the time, could be treated with simple bed rest or one or two check-ups by some expert doctors.

At the same time, if it happens at excessive levels, then it can cause immense pain and body ache. The entire body can go to fail, even leading to serious medical injuries.

In case you have not encountered severe pain in the joints, but popping is still causing mental issues, then go for a piece of expert advice.

We recommend you to visit a good hospital and gain proper medical advice from the doctor. Also, small changes in daily life like regular exercising or doing yoga could be beneficial and helpful to maintain a work-life balance.

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