Aspartame Withdrawal: Causes, Symptoms, and Possibilities

Aspartame Withdrawal

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What is Aspartame Withdrawal?

Most of the FMCG companies are using artificial sugar as one of the key ingredients in their items like chewing gum or sodas.

This artificial sugar component is called Aspartame.

What is Aspartame Withdrawal

This is composed of 3 core materials i.e., Methanol, Aspartic Acid, and Phenylalanine.

Aspartame came into limelight after it got approval from the Food development authority (FDA). However, the decision has been mandated several times in history.

Phenylalanine, which is the crucial ingredient of Aspartame is often considered dangerous due to the nature of the material and the ingredients.

Now, the use of excessive Aspartame could develop withdrawal symptoms among the people as it is very addictive and challenging to leave.

Our brain has neurotransmitter dopamine that gets affected by the addictive nature of the substance.

The Aspartame Withdrawal in many individuals has led to the development of Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms.


What are the causes of Aspartame withdrawal?

Aspartame withdrawal could have a significant impact on the human brain as people tend to feel uncomfortable as one of the side effects.

causes of Aspartame withdrawal

Some of the factors that could affect the intensity of the withdrawal are listed below;

  1. Overdosage of Aspartame or caffeine.
  2. Psychology of the patients.
  3. The period of the overall substance consumption.


Let us have a more in-depth insight over them one by one;

  1. Duration and Consumption of Aspartame

Have you ever calculated your average consumption of Aspartame in your diet?


Have you counted how many cans of soda you consume daily or monthly?

If your answer is no, then you must give it a thought.

The severity of Aspartame Withdrawal depends on the length of the consumption. The higher the consumption duration, the higher will be the severity.


Material or ProductQuantity or Dosage
1. Carbonated DrinksIt contains approximately 180 mg of Aspartame.


2. Powdered Soft drinksIt contains approximately 120 mg of Aspartame.



The above information that we have provided will help you get a clear idea of your daily Aspartame consumption habits and dosage.


  1. Psychology or Human Consciousness

Based on the psychology of the patient, it depends on whether a person can cope with or tackle the Aspartame Withdrawal or not.

If you have been consuming this substance for a very long time and that too in high dosages that you might feel serious difficulty in tackling the problem.

As per many experts, the nervous system of people has different coping capacities, and this varies from person to person.

If a patient is already consuming any medicines, then the impact of Aspartame withdrawal is challenging to identify.


  1. Tapering Process of Cold Turkey

Many people tend to quit cold turkey instead of tapering of Aspartame from it. In case you do not want to quit cold turkey, you can approach the strategy of gradual tapering.


Aspartame Withdrawal: Symptoms, and Possibilities

There might be numerous symptoms of Aspartame withdrawal, and the possibilities of its occurrence are humongous. Thus, the dosage of Aspartame could have a severe mental impact if regularly consumed.

Possibilities of Aspartame withdrawal

Some of the symptoms of the Aspartame Withdrawal are listed below in detail;

  1. Anxiety and Fear Levels

Several sensitive people are unable to cope up with Aspartame withdrawal. Therefore anxiety and fear could be induced in the patient.

Several users have reported to us that they faced extreme anxiety due to the withdrawal of the substance.

  1. Change in food habits

Aspartame consumption might become a part of our daily food consumption, and therefore the withdrawal of the same could become equally tricky.

Also, be prepared that a sudden drop in the consumption of Aspartame could also be correlated to the reduction in the use of food and vegetables.

  1. Hunger and Cravings

Hunger and craving are two common symptoms that are highly observable who are trying to withdraw Aspartame. Also, make sure that you do not compromise with your health and food consumption habits.

  1. Mental fatigue and headache issues

Psychological impact and stress impact are two common issues that come with Aspartame Withdrawal. As a result of this fatigue, many patients might suffer from headaches or insomnia or, in many cases, severe joint pains also.

  1. Panic Attacks and Mood Swings

While this is not related to Aspartame Withdrawal, but can also be related to other issues like depression and restlessness.

Especially in the initial days of the withdrawal, patients tend to show complete restlessness or mood swings, which needs special attention and care.

Thus, having said all the above points, it is challenging to identify the exact date or duration of Aspartame Withdrawal.

While some patients recovered in days, however, some of them even took months or years for complete recovery.


Final Verdict Regarding Aspartame Withdrawal

Aspartame Withdrawal is not a very difficult problem and, most of the time, could be treated with simple bed rest or one or two check-ups by some expert doctors.

At the same time, if it happens at excessive levels, then it can cause immense pain and body ache. The entire body can go to fail, even leading to serious medical injuries.

The Aspartame withdrawal could take days or, in some cases, months, depending on person to person.

However, at times it might be some serious issue that could require specific treatments to be taken under doctors’ advice only.

We recommend you to visit a good hospital and gain proper medical advice from the doctor. Also, small changes in daily life like regular exercising or doing yoga could be beneficial and helpful to maintain a work-life balance.


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