Chinese Massage: Need, Techniques and Benefits

Chinese Massage Need, Techniques and Benefits

Are you tired of your daily hectic working schedule and looking for means to reenergize your mind and body? Then Chinese Massage is the answer.

So here we bring you an influential guide about Chinese Massage and its benefits, which will help your mind and body to cope up.

FIRST, let us understand…


What is the need for massage?

With the advancement of technology and innovations coming into the market, the pace of lifestyle has increased to an extraordinary level. The businesses are booming at a rapid rate, and the competition is becoming cutthroat.

But this has resulted in increased levels of stress, hypertension, Blood pressure, anxiety, and even some chronic neuro diseases in the people as they are regularly exposed to pressure situations. Thus, massage possesses the exact ingredients which are required to tackle the diseases mentioned above.


What is Chinese Massage?

Chinese massage is the call for an own family of massage treatment plans practiced inside conventional Chinese medicinal drugs.

Traditionally, Chinese massage practices were chosen as one of the most fundamental remedies, along with the usage of herbal medicine, yoga, and acupuncture to cure fatal and chronic diseases.

The primary purpose of doing Chinese massage is to increase Chi, which is the flow of energy through the various organs of the body, which unites the mind, body, and soul of the doer.

Presently, Chinese massage is practiced globally all around the globe by various therapists.


Chinese Massage Techniques

We have discussed above the technical know-how of Chinese massage and how it has been used by traditional practitioners and by therapists in the present world. We will now discuss the various techniques by which Chinese massage is carried out.

Fundamentally, there are two varieties of Chinese massage:

  • Tui Na is a technique that encompasses the combination of the methods of kneading, massaging the deep tissues, stretching the joints and the ligaments, and making the joints more flexible and removing the tension throughout the body of the individual.
  • Zhi Ya practitioners pinching and urgent strategies at the floor of the pores and skin, as in Acupressure, Reflexology, and Qigong.
  • Chinese Paediatric Massage as children have fewer bodily and emotional limitations to care, xiao er tui na (Chinese pediatric rub down) practitioners find their qi easier to deal with. Xiao er tui na therapists frequently treat youngsters higher quickly than adults, use a particular device of acupoints, and generally use massage oils.

In each sort of traditional Chinese massage, the practitioner’s goal is to launch both bodily and energetic anxiety, as a way to repair experience of stability and kick-start the body’s very own restoration process.

In addition to the above mentioned two techniques, the therapists and practitioners nowadays also use the following methods to practice Chinese massage on the clients:

Palpating (mo) – examining the body part of the individual through physical touch.

Pushing (tui) – this involves pushing the muscles and joints beyond their threshold flexibility to release the tension and open the joints.

Holding (na) – holding the body parts in a particular posture for a few minutes to increase the flexibility and reduce the tension in the limbs and muscles.

Rejoining (jie) – the pressure is applied to the joints, cartilage muscles, and other involuntary reflexes, which increases the blood circulation in the body.

Pressing (an) – massaging the body by the application of pressure using the hands and the legs.

Kneading (mo) – rotating the muscles in an upward direction and circular motion, which increases the flexibility of the joints.

Opposing (duan) – here, the trigger point therapy is used where the affected area’s pain point is targeted and massaged using oils and creams.

Lifting (ti) – application of oil or cream on the body part and applying light strokes on the affected area using palms and fingers.


Is acupuncture used in Chinese massage?

Acupuncture is a significant part of Chinese massage so that they frequently are used alongside one another. And relying on the practitioner’s prognosis and advice, we can have a combination of those two, with additional massage modalities. But they may be used independently. So, if you do not want to strive acupuncture because of the fear of needles in some cases, you can avoid it as they are independent of one another. However, your practitioner feels you might enjoy the ideas. Then tui na might be for you.


Chinese Massage Benefits

After having the complete knowledge about Chinese massage, here are the benefits which you can read in by performing these set of activities:

  • Increases blood circulation   –    Chinese massage enhances blood circulation in the body. It helps the blood to reach those areas where the flow is less frequently, thus enabling and making the inactive organs more active.
  • Increases the energy   –   We have discussed Chi, which is the flow of energy, Chinese massage helps in re-energizing the mind, body, and soul by uniting them and connecting them within the same energy field.
  • Support emotional health   –   Wellbeing is something that drives the overall activeness and zeal of the individual. Using therapy, the body and mind relax, which stimulates a sense of satisfaction throughout the whole body and makes the person feel emotionally healthy and stable.

Benefits Of Chinese Massage

  • Faster and smoother injury recovery   –   Performing Chinese massage therapy, the joints, and the muscles are healing power increases along with the increment in the flexibility to a great extent.
  • Enhances the body balance   –  Performing the various techniques and massages on the body, the overall stability and activeness of the body is increased, and energy is restored. The mind and body become one, and mental peacefulness is achieved.


Final Verdict

It is essential to understand that the ultimate goal of performing Chinese massage is to avoid and reduce harm for the human body and make the body active and more stable. However, some people confuse and directly related Chinese techniques with the usage of needles, which is entirely optional.

It helps to achieve the oneness of mind, body, and soul.

Thus, Chinese massage is a complete package of relaxation which re-energizes the body and helps in curing many neuro diseases.










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