Mucus Fishing Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

Mucus Fishing Syndrome

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Mucus Fishing Syndrome

Mucus Fishing Syndrome is a disease in which a person constantly pulls out long and sticky strands of mucus from his/her eye.

As he fishes out these strands from the eye, thus it is also known as the fishing syndrome.

When an individual feel that something is present in his eye, he immediately runs to the nearest mirror and tries to pull it out using hands.

The mucus is removed but this result in irritating the eye even more and thus inter results in the formation of more mucus.

Stay with us till the end of the article to get the causes, symptoms and the best treatment for Mucus Fishing Syndrome.


Symptoms of Mucus Fishing Syndrome

If someone is suffering from Mucus Fishing Syndrome, then he/ she should have a habit of pulling out strands of mucus from the eye on a regular basis.

This habit can result in the enhancement of the production rate of mucus in the eye and can also result in increasing the irritation in the eye.

Symptoms of Mucus Fishing Syndrome

Thus, all this can lead to advanced eye infection which if gets worse can only be treated by the means of an operation.

The most common symptoms of Mucus Fishing Syndrome are as follows:

  1. Redness in the Eye

If a person’s eye constantly remains red, then there are chances that he/she may be suffering from Mucus Fishing Syndrome.

In such a case, the person should regularly wash their eyes and use a goggle to protect their eyes from dust or other pollutions.

  1. Tear Production

The rolling out of tears from the eyes on a regular basis can also be a symptom of Mucus Fishing Syndrome. Tears are regularly produced when there is irritation in the eye.

This tear formation can further result in eye infections such as eye flu.

  1. Irritation and Pain

If constant irritation and pain is present in the eye on an individual, then these can be the symptoms of Mucus Fishing Syndrome.

Because of this constant irritation, the mucus production levels increase and the person tends to put his fingers in the eye on a regular basis and remove the mucus.

  1. Inflammation in the eye

If inflammation is present in any layer of the eye, then this can be a sign that the person is suffering from Mucus Fishing Syndrome.

In such a case, the person should visit an eye specialist as soon as possible and get the treatment started.


Causes of Mucus Fishing Syndrome

Causes of Mucus Fishing Syndrome

The following are the conditions because of which Mucus Fishing Syndrome can happen to a person:

  1. Dry Eye Syndrome

The dry eye syndrome is a condition where the tears of the person’s eye are not of very good quality and are not able to provide adequate lubrication to the eye.

This further results in the excessive production of tears by the eye so as to compensate the quality. This results in the tear overflow and the person constantly wipes them using hands or hanky. This can further lead to eye inflammation, irritation and Mucus Fishing Syndrome.

  1. Conjunctivitis

Another common cause for Mucus Fishing Syndrome is conjunctivitis. This is a condition where the eye of a person becomes red and produces lot of tears and irritation.

  1. Dacryocystitis

This is a condition in which the tear duct of a person’s eye gets blocked and causes an infection in the eye. This is more common in the infants but the adults can catch hold of this infection too.

This results in a lot of mucus discharge from the patient’s eye.

  1. Blepharitis

When the eyelids of a person get inflamed, it is known as a condition named Blepharitis. The common cause for this is less content of oil in the tears which are produced by the eye.

This can result in excessive tear production, pain, irritation and lot of mucus discharge.


Treatment for Mucus Fishing Syndrome

The main reason for Mucus Fishing Syndrome as discussed above is due to constant habit of poking the eye by the individuals.

If you visit a doctor, he will instruct you to stop touching your eyes on a constant basis. But additional treatment is needed in the circumstances when Mucus Fishing Syndrome is at an advanced level.

The various treatments are as follows:

  • Using Lubricating Eye Drops

By using the eye drops which are specified by the doctor, the problem of Mucus Fishing Syndrome can be tackled. When the eye loses its lubrication, the irritation starts which results in the production of mucus.

The eye drop restores the lost lubrication and the problem of Mucus Fishing Syndrome can be tackled.

  • Using Antibiotics

By taking the prescribed antibiotics, the mucus production can be stopped in the eye. The antibiotic will also reduce the irritation, pain and the inflammation problem.

  • Steroid Eye Drops

When the Mucus Fishing Syndrome is at an advanced stage, then steroid eye drops can be used.

They should only be used when they are prescribed by the eye specialist and that too with proper precautions.

  • Washing with Warm and Cold Water

By frequently washing the eye with warm and cold water, the eyes can be cleaned.

This will reduce in the reduction of the infection as the mucus in the eye will get rinsed on a regular basis.


Final Verdict

It is extremely important to understand that the above mentioned steps are the most common methods to cure the problem of Mucus Fishing Syndrome.

In this guide, we have tried to cover the symptoms, causes and the remedies for the particular inflation disease of Mucus Fishing Syndrome.

That’s not all! It should always be kept in mind that all these methods should not be done on a regular basis as this will affect the natural process of the body. Also, it should always be kept in the mind that one should not practice this without consulting any physician as they can result in some ill effect on the eyes of the individual.












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