What Happens When Something is Stuck in My Throat?

Something is Stuck in My Throat

“Something is stuck in my throat,” is one of the common questions people search online. Well, it’s not a cause for concern if something is stuck in your throat, but it has to be addressed in time.

If you are tired of weeding through numerous articles about what can be done if something is stuck in your throat, this guide would help you find out your answers.


The process of swallowing is not as easy as it sounds. Several muscles and nerves work simultaneously to move food from your mouth to the stomach.

Sometimes food gets stuck in your throat if you don’t chew the food properly or eating food hastily. If, while eating, you feel a little irritation in the throat, there is a possible reason that something is stuck in your throat.

What to Do When Something’s Stuck in Your Throat?

Sometimes food gets stuck in the esophagus. It is easy to remove something stuck in your throat by following the below tips.

1. Soft Drink Remedy

Drinking a soft drink could help you remove the food stuck in your throat. Due to the presence of carbon dioxide, burp can move the food stuck in your throat.

Many people suggest using this remedy as this is relatively easier, and you can find soft drinks in your refrigerator.

Carbon dioxide gas in the soft drink helps in removing the grain from the throat.

Using Over the Counter Medicine

Sometimes few over the counter medicine used to treat gas and bloating can also help in removing something that is stuck in your throat.

These medicines help in creating some pressure that pushes the food out of the throat sometimes.

Drinking Huge Sips of Water

If you feel like something is stuck in my throat. Take huge sips of drinking water, so as it can clear the passage of your throat

Drinking huge sips of water

Although the saliva produced itself helps in lubricating the passage, But sometimes food stuck in the esophagus becomes dried.

So, if you are taking large sips of water, it will make the food moist and then can clear the passage of the throat.

Eating something moist

There are chances if something is stuck in your throat, then if you are taking some bread dipped in milk or water, you can also remove what is trapped inside.

It would help if you gave out a try first to consume the same.

If that is not working, you can eat the banana, as that can also moist the area in your throat where food is stuck.

Using Eno or Baking Soda based Drink

Take a small amountof baking soda and mix it in water. Drink this mixture, so as soda on reaction with water, creates effervescence, that after making burp can remove the food particle stuck in the throat.

Using Eno or Baking Soda based drink.,

If you don’t want to consume the baking soda solution, you can take ENO or any other effervescence creating the drink.

Effervescence created by the end or other solutions create burps, which makes the work easier then.

Eat some Butter

Yes, you have heard it right, although you might not like it, eating 1-2 small teaspoons of butter directly can help you out in removing the food from the throat.

Taking butter will moisten the passage of your throat, and it can remove what is being stuck inside your throat.

Cough out Loud

Even though you have tried all the above remedies and it is not working out for you in anyways.

Couph out loud.

Just cough out loud once, as this can change the position of the food, which is stuck in your throat, and you can then spit it out.

What if Uneasiness is felt after something gets stuck in my throat?

If you are not feeling well and have problems breathing or experiencing uneasiness, Contact the doctor immediately.

The doctor might recommend an endoscopic treatment that will remove anything stuck in your throat within a day.

But, there can be some risk associated with it, so the doctors recommend to visit back in 8-12 hours so as the possibility of damage is reduced and the food can be removed out easily.

Some people complain of something getting stuck in their mouths many times. This may be a reason that their passage to the throat is quite narrower.

They can permanently get rid of the problem by operating the esophagus by consulting their doctor.

Risks involved if something is stuck in My Throat


Several people die of choking if no proper remedies are taken to remove something that is stuck in the throat. This is found mostly in older people and young kids.

The blockage of windpipe can cause breathlessness, which happens if something is stuck in your throat.

It can be life-threatening if not taken care of properly. Hence it is essential to understand that proper measures need to be taken if something gets stuck in the throat.

Final Words on something stuck in the throat

It is essential to understand that the article mentioned above describes the ways you can take out something stuck inside the throat.

Also, how if not treated well, it can have severe damages to one’s own body

That’s not all!!!

It should always be kept in mind that Choking can occur if something is stuck in the throat has blocked the windpipe.

First, you should not panic in case if something is stuck in your throat. People do get worried about the fact that “what will I do something is stuck in my throat.”

It is life-threatening only if left untreated, if you have read through our article, you would have got enough information on how to handle the situation if something is stuck in your throat

However, if you think that the problem is getting worsened and no remedy has helped, It is advisable to consult the doctor immediately so as he can treat this problem quickly.

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