Diarrhea Every Morning – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Diarrhea every morning

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FIRST,let us understand…


When a person or individual experiences frequent bowel motions and that too in a very watery state, then this type of condition is known as Diarrhoea.

This is a prevalent condition that is faced every day by lakhs of people all around the globe and can be treated at home very quickly.

In certain situations, where the condition is awful, like a person has to go to the washroom more than 5-6 times a day, then he or she should visit a doctor.

If the Diarrhoea every morning is not treated at an early stage, then this can result in making the sufferer dehydrated as the loss of water and other body fluid would be taking place at a far faster pace than the restoration of fluid back again in the body.

If this problem of Diarrhoea every morning occurs occasionally, then there is no need for any concern. But if this condition is seen very frequently, then it can be a sign of alarm.

Symptoms of Diarrhoea every morning

It is not very difficult to differentiate between frequent morning diarrhea or an occasional one.

In addition to the watery and loose stool passing every morning, some other common symptoms for the problem of Diarrhoea every morning are as follows:

  • A person suffers from a lot of pain in the lower part of the abdomen. He or she can also feel a lot of cramps for the same reason, which will cause a lot of stinging pain and restlessness in the body.
  • High fever can also be a symptom for Diarrhoea every morning.
  • The feeling of nausea and vomiting is also one of the prevalent symptoms of Diarrhoea every morning.
  • If, during the passing of the stool, a person sees that traces of blood are also present, then this is an alarming situation for Diarrhoea every morning.

The problems mentioned above are the most common symptoms of the problem of Diarrhoea every morning.

Causes for Diarrhoea every morning

Many known factors are present, which contribute to the cause of Diarrhoea every morning. The most common causes of Diarrhoea every morning are as follows:

Causes of Diarrhea every morning


One of the primary causes of the problem of Diarrhoea every morning is the IBS. This is a particular condition where the small intestine stops the proper functioning due to which watery motion is seen every morning.

Some of the most common symptoms of IBS disorder are:

  1. The problem of constipation in the individual.
  2. The person is suffering from gas trouble frequently.
  3. If a person is suffering from frequent abdominal cramps.
  4. The presence of mucus in the stool of the person.

The actual reason behind the cause of the IBS issue is still not known. Again, the doctors and the researchers say that IBS is caused due to the excessive stress that a person goes through and also due to unhealthy eating habits.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The inflammatory bowel disease is a condition in which a person suffers the feeling of inflammation or irritation during the time he or she passes the stool.

This happens when ulcers or any rashes are developed at the exit point of the stool near the anus. Sometimes this can also occur in the large intestine, which leads to little bleeding during the passing of stool.

The symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease are as follows:

  1. Diarrhea every morning is the primary symptom.
  2. A lot of abdominal pain.
  3. A lot of weight loss by the person.
  4. If the person feels a lot of fatigue.


If a person is suffering from a lot of diseases in the small or the large intestine or even in the stomach, then the lining of all these organs does not perform properly and result in Diarrhoea every morning.

Alcohol and Smoking

Because of excessive alcohol smoking and the drinking habits of a person, the inner lining of the small and the large intestine does not perform correctly. It is not able to hold back the undigested food and thus result in the watery flow of stool through the anus.

Treatment for Diarrhoea every morning

Various treatment is available for the Diarrhoea every morning issue. We have divided them into two parts.

The first part is the changes in the diet of the person who is suffering from Diarrhoea every morning.

Treatment of Diarrhea every morning

The second part consists of the various medications that a person needs to take to cure the problem of Diarrhoea every morning.

Changes in the Diet

The following changes in the diet of the sufferer can help in controlling the problem of Diarrhoea every morning:

  1. Avoid the consumption of food that contains gas-producing elements like carbonated drinks, burgers, pizzas, etc. and also some of the vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli.
  2. Also, avoid the eating of pieces of stuff that are made from bread. Also, reduce the consumption of pasta and other items which contain gluten.
  3. Food items that contain ingredients like lactose and fructose should also be stopped immediately by the sufferer.


If the changes in the diet do not work, then the person can go for certain drugs and medicines which are prescribed by the doctor.

The following medications can be useful:

  1. Tofranil and Norpamine.
  2. IBD medication like mesalamine and dipentum.
  3. Antiviral and antibiotics can be used to treat infections.

Apart from this, WHO ORS can be used to prevent frequent diarrhea and can restore the lost fluid content in the body.

Final Verdict

It is essential to understand that the steps mentioned above are the most common methods to cure the problem of Diarrhoea every morning.

In this guide, we have tried to cover the symptoms, causes, and remedies for the particular inflation disease of Diarrhoea every morning.

That’s not all! It should always be kept in mind that all these methods should not be done regularly, as this will affect the natural process of the body.

Also, it should always be kept in the mind that one should not practice this without consulting any physician as they can have a reverse effect on the body of the individual.

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