Health Benefits of Barley Tea: Side Effects, and Risks

Health benefits of barley tea

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Define Barley Tea?

Barley Tea is prepared by using one essential ingredient that is Roasted Barley junction. As this grain is full of fiber, it is usually consumed by all the health-conscious people.

As far as the taste is concerned, Barley has a light and grainy flavor. It is a little low on the sweetness. Hence it is a perfect drink for diabetic people.

This drink is more prevalent in Japan and the Korean region as Barley is grown in abundance in that place.

Health Benefits of Barley Tea [Recommended]

Barley Tea is consumed in many places due to its health benefits. Some of the Health Benefits of Barley Tea is explained as:

Low Cholesterol

Many health organizations like the FDA have acknowledged that Barley Tea has reduced the cholesterol level of many people.

Since cholesterol level has its impact on heart ailments, Barley Tea reduces the LDL cholesterol due to the antioxidant properties present in Barley.

Barley Tea Lowers Cholesterol

Keeping the Blood Sugar Levels in Control

Since Barley is not much sweet, This Barley Tea is very beneficial for a person who has diabetes and usually has higher blood sugar levels.

Antioxidants present in barley tea make the blood sugar level controlled. Therefore people with diabetes can take Barley Tea after eating to lower their blood sugar level.

Helps in Losing Weight

Since Barley is rich in fiber content, which helps in making the digestion better.

Consuming Barley Tea will make your stomach feels full, and you won’t require to eat anything for long after taking this tea.

Barley Tea Helps in Losing Weight

All these factors will lead to a weight loss, as consuming barley tea will help you not frequently eating after meals.

Consuming Barley Tea with a balanced diet can help in weight loss as it slowly gets digested.

Reducing Risk of Cancer

Keeping a balanced diet and improving lifestyle patterns can lower the risk of cancer.

Barley Tea Helps in Reducing Risk Of Cancer

Consuming Barley Tea helps to protect the colon by removing all harmful toxins that are not usually removed during digestion.

Ferulic acid present in the Barley helps in stopping the growth of tumors. Also, it has been researched that consuming barley tea also reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Supporting the Immune System

Barley Tea has not only rich fiber content but also has several vitamins and minerals that boost the immune system.

Combining the barley tea with lemon adds an essential vitamin, Vitamin C, that increases the metabolism in the body; thus, the Immune system is made better.

Apart from the above benefits, some other Health Benefits of Barley Tea are also listed under:

  • Stomach Pain is relieved
  • Sleep-related issues are resolved
  • Fertility in Men is improved
  • No problem of Cold
  • It thins the blood
  • Tooth related problems are cured

Side Effects of Barley Tea

Gluten Intolerance

People who are highly gluten intolerant can have problem-consuming the barley tea, as Barley has gluten content.

If people who are having issues with consuming Barley can have to bloat in the stomach and diarrhea as well.

Skin Rashes

There are several instances where people have reported skin rashes after the consumption of barley tea.

Red rashes appear mostly on the face, armpits, and thighs.

Breathing issues

There are different noteworthy cases in certain people, having complained about breathing difficulties after taking barley tea.

This can happen because of the grainy texture of Barley, which is drier in texture.

Risks Involved in Consumption of Barley Tea


If there is any surgery scheduled for the patient, He should stop taking Barley tea for two weeks before.

Since Barley reduces the blood sugar level, and that might be a severe concern for someone undergoing surgery, this might be as fatal to cause Death.


In the case of Pregnancy. Higher precaution should be taken by the women, as it might affect both the health of women and her child.

Consuming too much barley tea can prove fatal. Proper advice should be taken by the doctor before drinking the Barley Tea.

Easy Ways to make Barley Tea

You can easily prepare the Barley Tea by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Add two teaspoons of the Barley in 4 cups of water.

Step 2: Bring the mixture to a generous boil.

Step 3: Cook the mixture for at least 10 minutes, reduce the flame.

Step 4: As per your liking, you can concentrate the liquid

Step 5: Remove the pot from the stove and allow it to cool.

Step 6: You can serve the tea as warm or even can put ice to make a refreshing ice tea.

Step 7: If you want to add some additional flavors, you can add lemon to make the taste more fruiter.

Step 8: You can also add sugar or sweetener to the tea to enhance the flavors.

Final Verdict on the Health Benefits of Barley Tea

It is essential to understand that the article mentioned above describes the Health benefits, side effects, and risks associated with the consumption of the Barley Tea.

That’s not all!!!

It should always be kept in mind that the consumption of Barley Tea is more in the southeastern region.

In India, people use green tea more often than the barley tea as it has the same antioxidant properties as Barley Tea.

Barley Tea has various right ingredients that help people in multiple ways, whether someone is looking to shed weight to look fit or someone wants to be relieved of higher blood sugar.

However, it should always be kept in mind that one should not consume the barley tea in large quantities, as there are several risks also associated with it.

Those who are allergic to gluten or any other disease should first consult any physician as they can have a reverse effect on the body of the individual.

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