Onychoschizia: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


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What is Onychoschizia?

When vertical ridges are formed on the nails, this condition is known as Onychoschizia. In the typical scenario, the surface of the nails of a person is very smooth, but for a person suffering from Onychoschizia, the surface of the nails becomes rough, and scales tend to develop on it.

Grooves are formed on the surface of the nails. The condition of Onychoschizia can be on all the nails of a person or can be limited to only one or two nails also.

Onychoschizia is not a dangerous disease but can be related to the signs of some nutritional deficiencies in the body of the person who is suffering from it.

Various treatments are available online as well as in the hospitals, which can be followed to cure this deficiency of Onychoschizia.


Symptoms of Onychoschizia

Many people have ridges and lines on their nails. And especially the people who are involved in rigorous and heavy work such as construction, boxing, or any other occupation which includes extensive use of hands.

This ridging starts at the joint from wear. The nail matrix starts and comes out of the fingers. This condition can also be seen in the people who have a deficiency of vitamins and minerals as their nails are fragile and lack the components which give strength and luster to the nails.

Sometimes, it is possible that the ridging is only present on one finger rather than all the fingers. This happens when a person has suffered from any injury or has crushed that nail under some weight. So, Onychoschizia tends to develop in that particular fingernail.


In some scenarios, the process of ridging is followed by the process of brittle nails, which can split at the ends slightly. The doctors diagnose this as Onychoschizia.


Causes of Onychoschizia

Onychoschizia can be caused due to various reasons. Some of the most common ones are as follows:

Causes of Onychoschizia

  • Eczema can be a significant reason behind Onychoschizia. In this condition, the area around the nails becomes soft and loses its strength, which in turn makes the nail lose.
  • Sometimes, the eating habits of an individual gives rise to a disorder like Onychoschizia. Due to the unhealthy food habits or the excessive intake of some particular vitamin or mineral, this condition is likely to happen.
  • In females, the disorder of Onychoschizia is most common as they use nail polish remover, which weakens the nail and makes the layer of the nail thin. Thus, the nail becomes more susceptible to breakage.
  • Exposure to some harmful chemicals and excessive moisture can also lead to the problem of Onychoschizia. Chemicals tend to make the nails weaker and making them more prone to breaking.
  • The condition of Onychoschizia can also be caused due to the excessive protein build up in the body of the individual. This condition is known as amyloidosis.
  • If a person has excessive nail biting or finger chewing habit, then this tends to weaken the nails and can give rise to the condition of Onychoschizia.


The above is the most general and common cause, which can be easily found in the majority of the people who are suffering from the problem of Onychoschizia.


Treatment for Onychoschizia

Onychoschizia is a disorder that generally does not require any particular kind of treatment or attention as it usually occurs due to any side effect or due to the normal aging process. However, if a person finds that his/her nails have become brittle and are natural breaking away, then he/she can follow the following easy treatments for curing the problem of Onychoschizia.

Treatment Of Onychoschizia

  • Medical Treatments

The most common and easy way of tackling the problem of Onychoschizia is by taking the prescribed medication by visiting a doctor.

The medication that is taken for treating Onychoschizia, the drug directly interferes with the root cause, which is responsible for the problem of Onychoschizia.

In this condition, if the doctor feels the need, he can directly inject some steroids in the nails of the patient.

Also, in the case of any inflammation or diseases like Eczema, the doctor may prescribe using an ointment or can also recommend injection some drug to make the nails better and healthy again.

In some exceptional cases, the doctors prescribe the patients apply certain special chemicals or polishes on the surface of the nail to prevent it from further damage and abrasion.

Some examples of the same are Nail lacquer, which is water-soluble, 16 percent Nuvail and polyurethane.


  • Home Remedies

The disorder of Onychoschizia can also be treated at home using homely products. Some of the natural remedies are as follows:

  • Keeping the nails shorter and trimmed as this reduces the chances of any jerk or breakage.
  • Avoid the excessive usage of nail polishes. Use only those polishes which are rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Drink the right amount of water every day as this nourishes the skin as well as the nails.
  • Apply ointments and moisturizing products on the nails. This keeps the nails hydrated and the skin around it tight and compact.
  • Avoid your nails from getting into contact with very rough and hard chemicals.
  • Wear protective gloves when you are performing any rough activity or washing dishes or clothes.


Final Verdict

It is essential to understand that the steps mentioned above are the most common methods to cure the problem of Onychoschizia.

In this guide, we have tried to cover the symptoms, causes, and remedies for the particular disorder of Onychoschizia.

That’s not all! It should always be kept in mind that all these methods should not be done regularly, as this will affect the natural process of the body. Also, it should always be held in the mind that one should not practice this without consulting any physician as they can result in some ill effect on the nails of the individual.

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