Asian Massage: Need, Techniques, and Benefits

Asian Massage

Are you frustrated and feeling drained due to your everyday long and monotonous working schedule and are looking for ways to break the shackles? So here we bring you an influential guide about Asian Massage and its benefits, which will help you in restoring the lost energy and enthusiasm in not only your body but your mind and soul as well.

So, stay with us till the end of this article as we would be covering the ultimate need of the massage, the various techniques of Asian massage.

That are being used all around the globe and also the benefits which one can derive from experiencing Asian massage.

We would also be giving special emphasis on the techniques which are highly recommended by the experts.


Need for Massage

The world is standing at the brink of a technological, digital, and industrial revolution, which is fundamentally altering the lives of the people living all around the globe.

The market is coming up with thousands of new businesses every day.

Need for Asian Massage

With constant innovations and cost reduction, new entrants are coming into the market in every segment, whether it be medical, construction, FMCG, sports, etc. and thus, the competition is becoming cut-throat and fiercer day by day.

With the exposure to an environment which is stressful and full of tension regularly, chronic prolonged-lasting diseases like blood pressure and hypertension are likely to appear in the individual.

In this busy and fast-paced schedule, people have entirely forgotten that the money which they will earn will remain here only, and the pleasant memories are the ones that will last till eternity.

Thus, massage comes as a complete package that has just the right blend of things that are required to cure the problem of stress and fatigue of the body.


Different types of Asian Massage

Experts are practicing many techniques of Asian massages all around the globe. Depending upon the different regions of Asia, the various massages are performed by experts in that region.

These massage techniques were developed thousands of years ago and have been since practiced as a tradition in the different regions of Asia.

Thus, the various techniques of Asian Massages are as follows:

1) Jin Shin Do

Jin Shin Do is a Chinese Asian massage technique that has been in practice from the past many decades by the experts of China and other parts of Asia.

This technique is unique and is a mix blend of a Japanese acupressure technique, the Chinese Acupuncture technique, and the classic acupuncture theory.

Jin Shin Do

In this technique, the body is subjected to Acupressure using different oils. Then massage is given using the feet and hands.

Acupuncture is also given in Jin Shin Do, where various needles are inserted at the pressure points of the body, which makes the body relaxed and light.


2) Medical Qigong

One of the oldest and the ancient branch of Chinese medicine is the Medical Qigong.

The Medical Qigong is a practice that is based on the point and pressure theories. It also encompasses some teachings of ancient Chinese philosophy.

Medical Qigong incorporates a comprehensive series of different and complex therapeutic medical methods like controlled and trained breathing, meditation, and guided visualizations.

Medical Qugong

This helps the clients to recover from their stressful routines and fills their body with new enthusiasm and energy.

The experts who perform this kind of technique have, over the years, mastered the skills of Transferring Chi and replenishing the muscles.

This they use to provide instant relief to the individual’s body, which the standard exercises cannot provide.


3) Acupressure

The most basic and oldest type of Asian Massage is the practice of Acupressure. It is used as an alternative technique for the practice of acupuncture.

The body of an individual has various meridians, which by applying Acupressure, experiences a flow of multiple waves of energy through them.

As the waves of energy pass through these meridians, the body experiences the removal of pain and stress and the restoration of energy.


In this technique, the pressure is applied to different parts of the body using feet, hands, and fingers to remove the blockage from different parts of the meridians

This is done to ensure a continuous and constant flow of energy throughout the body without any hindrance.

The technique of Martial Arts also uses many learnings and teaching of Acupressure as the individual tries to grab the pressure points of the opponent and makes him weak and unstable.

When this technique is performed on an individual, the joints and the muscles of the individual become more flexible, and they become more resistant to jerks and less vulnerable to any attack.


4 Chi Nei Tsang

The human body is divided into five major systems. They are the vascular system, the nervous system, the tendons or muscles, the lymphatic system, and the acupuncture meridians.

The Chi Nei Tsang is a method of Asian Massage that does deep healing of all the above five major systems of the body.

With the help of this kind of technique, and ancient Asian massage expert used to increase the blood flow in the body of the individual to such an extent that he or she was able to feel the sensation of the blood rushing through their veins.

Chi Nei Tsang

In this technique, the expert usually applies the pressure to the area around the naval region of the individual and thus can increase the level of energy and blood flowing that region and the regions nearby.

If any kind of energy blockage is present in the lower abdominal region or the naval region, this particular technique removes all those blockages. It redirects the energy of the body to the stomach.

This improves the digestion speed and also helps to reduce the chances of constipation in the future.

This technique was later brought to America by a famous Monk Master Mantak Chia. It was then incorporated in the Asian Massage Miami Culture.


5) Jin Shou Tuina

Jin Shou Tuina is an ancient Chinese massage technique that has been practiced by experts from the past many centuries.

This technique has various levels of massages depending upon the body structure and the type of massage which needs to be given to someone.

Jin Shou Tuina

The massage is of different intensities ranging from very less energy soft tissue massage to intense and rigorous massages, which will manipulate the soft tissues and fill them with the flow of energy and increase the blood circulation.

This technique of massage helps in improving the overall structure of the body by providing stability and also ensures the flow of energy through different meridians of the body.

Apart from the basic technique which is used in Jin Shou Tuina, other side techniques such as hot cupping, moxibustion, and the use of potent herbal oils are also incorporated for massage.


Benefits of Asian Massage

Various benefits can be reaped if the techniques of Asian massage are performed correctly and regularly. Some of the best advantages are listed below:

1) Increases the energy

The flow of energy, which is also known as the Chi, is tremendously increased when an individual goes through a session of Asian Massage.

With the help of Asian massage, the mind feels empty, and new thoughts can now be visualized pretty easily.

Now, the time which a person took in completing some random task would get reduced as the overall efficiency of the individual would increase.


2) Improves the Body Structure and Balance

Stability is something that is of utmost importance in a human body, and the various techniques of Asian massages provide the same and that too pretty quickly when compared with other exercises.

The body posture, which should always be perpendicular to the ground when a person is standing, is something that can be attained after performing Asian Massage.


3) Restores the Emotional Stability

Emotional stability helps the person to act professionally and decently in every situation.

Satisfaction is essential for a person, whether it be for cloth, food, car, toy, or even exercise.

By performing the different techniques of Asian massage, the person can achieve his or her life goals much quicker and without getting stuck due to any hindrance.


4) Recovery from Injuries

The flexibility of the body helps a person to perform his daily tasks in a much better and effortless way, without wasting any pinch of extra energy.

Also, this massage technique is beneficial for the people who are involved in performing high-intensity activities and exercises daily

This will improve the healing rate of the muscles and the joints as well as make them more flexible.


5) Increases the blood circulation

The Asian Massage increases the blood circulation in the body. It helps the blood to reach those areas where the flow usually is less.

Also, with the increased rate of pumping by the heart, the blood is now able to reach those areas even where there was previously no flow present.

Thus, all the organs of the body become more active than before and will perform more efficiently without any problem.


6) Relief from Anxiety

By performing the various techniques of Asian massages on the body, the individual experiences relief from all the stress and tension which he has accumulated from the hectic routine of his fast-paced corporate life.

As the stress and tension move out of the body, the body becomes light, and voids are created in it, which are then filled by the waves of energies that pass through the different meridians of the body.

Thus, the body, which is now full of positivity and energy, radiated positivity in the environment as well and helps the individual to develop an optimistic view towards society.


7) Relief from Depression

The people who are suffering from ups and downs in their life due to the difficulties they face in their careers or their personal life, they can get the most benefit out of these massage techniques.

The strokes and the pressure points which are applied in these techniques by the experts open up the body and make space for these negative thoughts to move out and drain the body.


8) Cures various Diseases

The set of Asian Massages helps to cure multiple day to day common diseases from which every second person in the world is dealing with like blood pressure, hypertension, stress, anxiety, etc.

Without troubling the body by taking any counterfeit medicine, these diseases can easily be cured just by applying pressure to some known points and by massaging using certain special oils.


Summing it Up

One should understand that the main reason behind performing the different techniques of Asian massage is to get the mental and emotional stability along with the cure from various chronic diseases.

With the application of Asian Massage techniques, the human body can be made free from various problems of blood pressure, hypertension, stiffness, the rigidity of the joints, tension in the muscles, and many more.

If a person is scared of needles and does not want them to be inserted in their body, then he can choose from a bunch of other Asian Massages.

It connects all the meridians of the human body and joins them on the same track. This enables the person to think more sensibly and optimistically as all the negative thoughts leave the mind of the individual.

The Asian Massage technique makes an individual prone to the stress and tensions which he or she has to face daily and creates a sort of protective shield around them.

This shield helps to radiate a positive energy aura around them, which the others can also feel.

Thus, the Asian Massage Techniques are being used to treat various neuro diseases from the past many centuries, and they will be doing the same in the future as these techniques are here to stay for an extended period.

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