Venous Insufficiency: Causes, Symptoms & Best Diet Plan

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What is Venous Insufficiency?

It is one of the rarest diseases which is caused when valves of veins in the body are not functioning correctly. Valves in the body play an important role in circulating blood from the bottom of the body to the heart.

Therefore, when valves are not functioning correctly in the body, some of the blood flows back and gets accumulated in the veins, which puts lots of pressure on the walls of the veins.

Venous Insufficency

What are the symptoms of Venous Insufficiency?

Sometimes, even though a person is suffering from a disease, he is entirely unaware of it.

Therefore, a person needs to know the symptoms of the disease he/ she is suffering from.

Venous insufficiency is such a critical disease which if left untreated, can have a significant impact on other organs. Some of the symptoms for venous insufficiency are:

  • One of the symptoms for such disease is swelling or itchiness in the skin.
  • This disease can lead to the formation of ulcers in the leg.
  • Swelling on the legs can be the symptom that the person is suffering from venous insufficiency.
  • Spider of veins can be formed, which can be seen as another symptom of this disease.
  • Formation of clots in the veins and burst of these clots can cause severe disease to other body organs.
  • If you are getting pain standing for a long time, then it can also be seen as a symptom for venous insufficiency.

Symptoms of Venous Insufficiency

What are the causes of Venous Insufficiency?

There may be various reasons for the development of venous insufficiency. Some of the reasons are:

  • If a person has his mother or father suffering from vein diseases, it can be passed on to him/her based on parental history.
  • If a person has a medical problem of blood clots, it can lead to venous insufficiency.
  • This problem also occurs in females during pregnancy.
  • Obesity is also one of the primary reason for the development of venous insufficiency.

If a person sees any of the symptoms mentioned above, and there are some reasons like obesity or parental medical history related to this problem, he/she should immediately consult the vein doctor.


Diet For Venous Insufficiency

Nowadays, everyone wants to follow a healthy diet if they are suffering from any disease. In the case of venous insufficiency, there is no diet that can help in curing this disease. Venous insufficiency can be cured only with the help of medical treatment.

Still, a proper diet that needs to be followed that can help in decreasing the chances of falling sick with this disease.

As we have seen that obesity is one of the causes of this disease, therefore if you eat healthy oil-free food, it will help in gaining less weight. Less weight means fewer chances of falling prey to this disease.

The below mentioned dietary plan should be followed if you want to avoid such diseases.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

If you want to reduce chances of development of venous insufficiency in your body, try eating lots and lots of fruits and vegetables of different colours like mangoes, strawberry, blueberry, garlic, carrot, reddish etc.

It would help if you had a habit of eating fruits and vegetables raw as raw vegetables has more nutrients and vitamins as compared to cooked vegetables.

Above mentioned, fruits and vegetables are healthy for the body and improves blood circulation in the veins of the body, which decreases the possibility of venous insufficiency.

  • Less salt in the food

In case you are habitual of eating more salt in your food, and you are fond of eating pickles. You have to stop consuming such products to avoid venous insufficiency.

More salt in the food increases the water content in your body, which increases pressure on the veins of the body.

Eating less salt in your food will help in increasing blood flow in your body veins.

  • Good fibre diet

If a person is suffering from constipation, then avoid eating food products like banana, chocolate etc. Constipation increases pressure on the veins of the body, which increases the chances of falling sick to venous insufficiency.

Therefore, you should focus on consuming high fibre diet like fruits and vegetables like apples, eggplants etc. These fibre diet helps in the production of soft stool which reduces pressure on the veins of the body.

Less pressure on the veins increases the blood circulation in the vessels which reduces the chances of venous insufficiency

  • Drinks

Drinks also play an essential role in avoiding venous insufficiency disease. People should consume lots of water regularly.

Drinking water will keep you hydrated, which keeps the veins healthy. When veins are strong, it will increase the blood circulation in the veins.

On the other hand, for those who prefer drinking milk daily, they should decrease the consumption of dairy products.

If you are consuming the above-recommended diet, then you can decrease the chances of development of venous insufficiency in your body.

Some of the other treatments for this disease are regular exercise, keeping the legs in the elevated position, physiotherapy exercise for maintaining healthy veins, which results in proper blood circulation.


Final Verdict on Venous Insufficiency

As already mentioned, a proper healthy diet can decrease the chances of developing venous insufficiency. Therefore, people suffering from venous insufficiency should immediately consult a doctor and get the treatment done; otherwise, it could stick with them for a lifetime.

Proper explanation, guidance and love will support people suffering from such disease.

Thus, at one point if you feel that venous insufficiency is not treatable BUT ALWAYS keep in mind that there is hope.

With the right routine, proper and healthy diet and adequate dosage of medication, people can live a vigorous and peaceable life without any medical annoyances.

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