How Sleeping on the Floor Benefits Your Health?

Sleeping on the floor

Is sleeping on the floor good for you? Yes, it is.

Sleeping on the floor helps to keep your back straight while giving adequate relief to your back pain. It prevents bending and helps maintain a correct posture.

Sleeping in the correct procedure boosts your energy level and helps you get adequate sleep. However, one must make proper arrangements according to the needs and comfort before sleeping on the floor.

Sleeping on the floor may require you to arrange for bedding, blankets, and a pillow if desired.

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Health Benefits of Sleeping on the Floor

Some of you would find it uncomfortable and unsatisfactory in the beginning to give up their soft, subtle beds.

But you’ll be surprised to know that besides uneasiness sleeping on the bed brings with it following health benefits.

1. Improves Blood Flow

One of the significant health benefits of sleeping on the floor is that it improves blood circulation in your body.

2. Prevents Back Pain

Inappropriate sleeping posture may lead to severe back pain which may hinder your day to day activities.

Sleeping on the floor helps you attain the correct sleeping posture while keeping your back straight and avoid back pain.

3. Relieves Cervical Pain

Cervical pain occurs due to the stiffness of ligaments. Proper sleeping position ensures proper blood circulation which relieves stiffness in the ligaments.

4. Dumps Stress

It helps you to change your routine of sleeping on a bed, lifts your energy level, and relaxes you of the stress. Also, it brings you nearer to the floor and allows more contact with cool air and gives you a sound sleep.

5. Improves Alertness

People who sleep on the floor find themselves to be more active, relaxed and rested. They are more alert and readily get up in the morning.

6. Treats Insomnia

If you are going through sleepless nights sleeping on the floor is the best option to make yourself fall asleep.

7. Skin Benefits

It slows down the aging process and prevents wrinkles.

Sleeping on the floor will make you fall asleep faster and tossing, turning the sides will be less frequent.

How to Sleep on the Floor properly?

It is essential to make yourself comfortable if you are planning to sleep on the floor. Make proper arrangements and take extra care if your children are also joining you.

1. Preparation

It is obvious that for the first few nights sleeping on the hard surface may be uncomfortable and awkward.

You may also experience body pain, but it shouldn’t concern you much.

After a few days, you will get used to it and will start experiencing its health benefits.

2. Surface

Sleeping on the floor for good health

The surface you choose to sleep upon should not be uneven.

It should be smooth and comforting. Sleeping on the floor doesn’t mean sleeping directly on it.

Instead of resting directly on the floor you can use mattresses and sheets for a pleasant sleep.

3. Uses Pillows

Some people do not consider using pillows to be wholly natural. The aim of sleeping on the floor is to attain correct posture, eradicate pain, and inculcate good sleeping habits.

Using more than one pillow will prevent proper alignment of your body and may make your body ache. Alternatively, you can use your hand to support your head.

4. Switch Sides

For the first few days, if you aren’t comfortable in sleeping on the floor, you can adopt the practice of switching sides and positions to sleep comfortably.

Changing the side will help your body to adapt and relax efficiently.

Sleeping Positions

You can switch as many postures as you want while sleeping on the floor. Moreover, you can spread yourself out freely as there is no danger of falling like in case of bed.

You should keep changing your sleeping positions till you find out the most comfortable one.

A research published by Michael Tetley in the British medical journal states that sleeping on the floor reduces the risk of musculoskeletal lesions. It is also noticed that certain sleeping positions helped in correcting certain joints.

1. Sleeping on Your Back

It is considered one of the best sleeping positions that help you keep your back, spine, and shoulders straight.

Also, it gives relief to back pain as it helps in blood circulation and also relieves cervical pain.

2. Sleeping on Your Side

Sleeping on your side does not require pillows because your arm can provide the support needed to your neck.

It also maintains proper position by helping the vertebrae align themselves as you breathe.

3. Sleeping on Stomach

Stretching out your elbows and sleeping on your forearms can help you correct your spine.

Inspired by a four-legged animal like dogs, this position is also known as the quadrupedal or lookout posture and has many healing effects.

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Disadvantages of Sleeping on the Floor

Discomfort is not the only disadvantage of sleeping on the floor. Though there is nothing dangerous associated with it, you can check for:

1. Exposure to Dirt

The deck has a lot of accumulated dust which is unhygienic and unhealthy.

Exposure to this dirt might cause respiratory problems. Thereby, clean the floor as frequently as possible.

2. Bedbugs

Bugs can make your mattress, their home, and the problem keeps getting severe with time as they tend to multiply and increase in number. To prevent this one can arrange the bedding at a higher surface.

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3. Common Cold or Influenza

Sleeping on the cold surface, especially in winters when the deck is freezing, can cause the common cold.

Inhaling cold air is also not good and may damage your lungs. But, sleeping on the floor in warm climates causes no harm and is good for one’s health.

4. Body Pain

Using only one of the sides or position during sleeping can cause discomfort and won’t even let you take proper rest.

It can lead to increased pressure in certain body parts inducing pain. People sleeping on their back experience the best kind of sleep and are much more relaxed.


After few days of hassle, you will eventually get used to sleeping on the floor. If you keep in mind the health advantages that accompany sleeping on the floor it will motivate you to adapt to this new habit.

One can try to imbibe the practice of sleeping on the floor even if he isn’t suffering from back pain or any other problem. By this, you can ensure to bring a change and revitalize your life.

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