Black Spot Under Toenail: Causes, Consultation and Treatment

black spot under toenail

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FIRST, let us understand…


Black Toenail

The color of the toenails is usually white. But this white color is likely to change due to the effect of some external factors like the excessive use of nail polishes, nail polish removers, fancy decorations, excessive abrasion of the nails due to heavy work, etc.

Also, sometimes, due to the deficiencies of specific vitamins and minerals in the body, the color of the toenail changes and becomes blue or even black.

Also, sometimes due to various injuries like the sticking of the finger in a door or any other such object, a blood clot appears in the nail, which changes the appearance of the nail.

Behind the Black Spot Under Toenail, there can be various common reasons.

If by following the usual homely remedies, the spot doesn’t disappear, then we recommend you visit your nearest doctor to get the toenail fixed as it can further develop into infection due to which the toenail could be removed.


Causes of Black Spot Under Toenail

A Black Spot Under the Toenail can be caused due to a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are as follows:

  • Any Prior Medical Condition

The Black Spot Under Toenail can be caused due to any previous medical history of the patient. It can also be caused due to the presence of any medical condition about which the patient is not aware of.

Some of the most common diseases which can lead to the problem of Black Spot Under Toenail are the problem with kidney functioning, diabetes, anemia, or any other heart-related diseases.

  • Trauma to the Toenail

Sometimes, due to a mishap, the toenail gets crushed or collides with something hard or solid, which results in giving an injury to the toenail. This trauma creates a Black Spot Under Toenail.

Because of this trauma, a blood clot is created in the nail, which gives a blackish appearance to the nail and also makes the toenail prone to breaking.

causes of black spot under toe nail

  • Fungal Infections

The toenail is that part of the body that is mostly in contact with moisture and a warm environment.

This kind of atmosphere is the best place for fungal infections to take home and grow at a fast pace.

The fungal infections sometimes give a yellowish appearance to the toenail, and occasionally black appearance.

  • Melanoma

This is a very critical and dangerous disease which causes a brown spot under the toenail.

This disease, if not treated correctly and at the right time, can get covert into something serious like skin cancer.


When to Consult a Doctor for Toenail?

A healthy black toenail doesn’t always require the consultation of a doctor. The fact that a doctor needs to be visited depends on the cause of the black spot in the toenail of the person.

One the other hand, if the cause of getting a black toenail is not known, or the person cannot remember the scenario under which the toenail suffered from the trauma, then in such cases, a doctor needs to be consulted as if not done. This black spot can convert into something big and dangerous.

A person who is suffering from a fungal toenail can correct it by homely remedies. Still, if the person also has diabetes, then he or she should visit a doctor.

One can also visit a dermatologist for getting the problem of Black Spot Under Toenail fixed. In the case of Melanoma, the dermatologist can help to detect the cancer cells and remove them.

If by any chance, the black toenail problem is pertaining to a very long time, then surgery needs to be performed on the recommendation of the doctor or the surgeon.


Treatments for a Black Toenail

When the blackening of the toenail is caught at a very early stage, then this problem can be treated by several homely remedies.

Homely treatments like the application of creams and ointments can be tried for the curing of this black toenail spot.

Also, some particular kinds of polishes can be used to restore the lost luster of the toenail, and this will also give excellent aesthetic value to it.

treatment for black spot under toe nail

If, by any chance, the black spot in the toenail is developed due to any injury faced by the toenail, then in such case, the black spot will disappear with time, as soon as the nail grows out and you cut it on the regular interval of time.

If, by any chance, after sustaining an injury, the toenail gets black, grows out, and is cut off. However, still, the problem remains, then in this case, a doctor needs to be consulted as the underlying medical condition which is causing these black spot in the toenail needs to be caught and treated.

A person who is suffering from diabetes needs to be treated appropriately for this particular issue of Black Spot Under Toenail.

If this problem is not treated on time in the case of a diabetic person, then this can convert into fungal infections and lead to something very critical.


Final Verdict

It is essential to understand that the steps mentioned above are the most common methods to cure the problem of Black Spot Under Toenail.

In this guide, we have tried to cover the symptoms, causes, and remedies for the particular disorder of Black Spot Under Toenail.

That’s not all! It should always be kept in the mind that one should not practice this without consulting any physician as they can result in some ill effect on the nails of the individual.


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