What Causes Headache above Right Eye?

Headache above right eye

Isolated headaches are not uncommon, and one of the more persistent ones is a headache above the right eye.

The pain can range from subtle to excruciating, and people will stop at nothing to end that pain above the right eye.

One would often ignore frequent headaches, and most of the headaches resolve on their own.

But at times this pain is not just a random sensation, it may indicate a serious underlying condition. But, what causes headaches above the right eye?

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How to treat headache above right eye

What Causes Headaches above Right Eye?

Pain above the right eye on the forehead can ruin your day. The discomfort can result in nausea or confusion.

A head injury from the past may cause lingering skull issues. Fluctuating blood pressure may cause headaches above the right eye.

Various other things can cause pain above the right eye and temple, some of which are listed below:

1. Migraines

A migraine may cause a headache above the right eye. These headaches have a severe focused pain.

It can result in vomiting, confusion, and numbness in some cases. These can be triggered by any number of things and leave you with sharp pain above right eye and temple.

2. Glaucoma

Glaucoma damages your eye’s optic nerves and causes a fluid buildup.

This will cause an increase in pressure behind your eye. Generally, it will cause pain above the right eye on forehead and discomfort.

3. Sinus Infection

Whether it is a sinus infection or other infection, it will cause pain above the right eye.

Your sinuses are very sensitive to the changing weather and can develop infections. This will build up pressure inside the skull and eventually create headaches.

4. Increased Skull Pressure

Your skull is a very finely tuned area. The slightest change to its existence can cause a problem.

Increased pressure triggered by infections, tumors, and trauma will result in pain above the right eye socket and pain over the right eye and temple.

5. Cluster Headaches

Sharp and pricking pain above the right eye could be due to cluster headaches. They are focused and can occur several times a day for weeks and months at a time.

Cluster headaches are usually attributed to the changing histamine hormones, smoking, drinking, or various environmental factors like bright light.

6. Blood Vessel Disorders

Your brain requires the supply of fresh blood throughout the day.

If any of these blood vessels are malfunctioning, it may result in headaches over the right eye and temple. These can be caused by any number of environmental factors or previous health issues.

7. Other Causes

Other causes can trigger headaches above the right eye. Allergies, irritation, or injury may result in pain above the right eye. These things usually cannot be avoided.

Headache above Right Eye Treatments

Pain above the right eye on the forehead is extremely discomforting.

To relieve the pain, there are various headaches over right eye remedies that can be tried at home. You can also consult with a general physician who can offer medicine for these issues.

Mentioned below are a headache above the right eye treatments:

1. Over-the-counter Pain Relievers

Some medications do not require a prescription to relieve headaches above right eyebrow.

Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are two of the most well-known medicines which can provide relief. Make sure you consult with a physician before overlapping two medications.

Also, do not use these for more than ten days at a time. This can cause prolonged damage and a more serious issue.

2. Lie Down

Sometimes you can relieve a headache above the right eye with a simple nap. Lying down takes pressure off of your body and allows the stress to decrease.

Sleeping may also result in a headache going away completely. Relaxing is always the best medicine when it comes to pain over right eye and temple.

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3. Apply Cold Compresses

Coolness and pressure can help alleviate a headache above right eyebrow. Take a washcloth and soak it in cold water.

Place it on the spot that hurts. This will reduce swelling and provide some comfort. You can also opt for ice-packs to relieve pain.

4. Relieve the Tension

Stop and take deep breaths throughout the day. Reducing stress will reduce discomfort.

Decreasing your overall stress level will help you lower sharp pain above right eye and temple. Relaxing will always help with a headache above the right eye.

5. Exercise on a Regular Basis

Getting your blood pumping and moving around will decrease the amount of pain above right eye socket. Making sure that freshly oxygenated blood is reaching your brain.

This will decrease the pain level. Simple things like walking and jogging can increase your heart rate and get rid of a headache above the right eye.

When to Seek Medical Help?

Your general physician will always be able to tell you exactly the cause of the pain and what can alleviate it. But, medical help should be sought when the headache home remedies do not work.

If pain above right eye socket begins to impede your daily life or require you to miss days of work, then you should go to the doctor.

A headache above right eye is something that can be fixed by yourself, but it is always best to seek medical help when needed.

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