What is Wrong With Me? How Do I Deal with the Anxiety Woes?

What is wrong with me

In our downtimes, we often tend to look back at our lives and introspect what went wrong and why. While feeling blue, one gets drawn towards addressing the concern “what is wrong with me?”

There is no steadfast answer to satisfy this self-reflective query, but thinking about what is wrong with ourselves can help us address our anxiety issues.

In a depressed state of mind, anxiety becomes burdensome for people and they blame themselves for all the unaccomplished tasks and uninitiated deeds.

Asking “what is wrong with me?” is a key indicator of you suffering from anxiety, and unintentionally, your mind deciding to blame itself for what life is offering at present.

Deciphering this question provides the answer that comes from an internalized analysis of feelings and emotions. Anxiety has emerged as a critical condition of human emotions entangled with physical health and doings.

What is wrong with me

If you seek to find the answer to “what is wrong with me?” – start digging deep into your own perspective only to figure out your state of nervousness.

Finding what makes you nervous is just a part-answer to this concern; the real answer will reveal the symptoms leading to anxiety.

With increasing number of suicides and panic attacks instrumented by depression and anxiety across the world, more people are asking this question and wondering why are they the ones that suffer from anxiety.

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Is There Something Wrong with Me? How to Find Out

Before finding the fix to the ‘what’s wrong with me’ dilemma, we must identify the signs that have triggered anxiety.

When the tasks undertaken by you fail miserably, you begin to wonder – is there something wrong with me? This is when our introspection reveals the symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Leading digital health information domain Healthline.com has identified some of the key symptoms that lead us to this question.

Is there something wrong with me

Here are a few known symptoms that make us wonder – something is wrong with me, but I don’t know what:

  • Getting a restlessness feeling even in laidback situations
  • Becoming intense in expressing feelings or emotions
  • A sense of nervousness that develops while making choices
  • Frequent incidence of feeling endangered and panicked

While these are identified as the emotional or mental symptoms of anxiety, we also wonder what’s wrong with me physically:

  • Rapid surge in the heart rate
  • Hyperventilation
  • Muscle twitching, coupled with heavy sweating
  • Constipation and gastrointestinal problems
  • Lethargy and weakness
  • Insomnia

People who suffer from anxiety can’t figure out why they have these symptoms. Scientific studies and clinical trials prove that these symptoms can also lead to long-term disorders such as obsessive-compulsion disorder (OCD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Is it Mental or Physical? Understanding the Part Where I Go Wrong

Once you figure out which of these signs and symptoms are bothering you the most, it will be easy for you to understand the origin of anxiety.

On a case-to-case basis, anxiety can originate from either physical symptoms or mental conditions.

A change in daily activities or a particular life experience – both, mental and physical changes, can factor the anxiousness to ask ourselves “what is wrong with me, physically?” and “what is wrong with me, mentally?”

Let’s break it down to understand these factors in simple, hypothetical situations.

CASE #1: I Don’t Know What’s Wrong with Me, Mentally?

You are an undergrad appearing in your finals. With a significant amount of study and preparation gone through you, the time of examination appears as a countdown for you.

A mental stress develops when you sit in the examination hall and are not able to focus on answering the test papers. There becomes a situation where you know the answers, but you aren’t able to pen them down.

This is because, at the back of your mind, you can be either distracted by some thoughts, past incident or present interference. Or, your mental state is refusing to offer an organized effort to solve the papers.

In such condition, anxiety originates mentally and makes us wonder – “Something is wrong with me, mentally? But I don’t know what!”

CASE #2: I Don’t Know What’s Wrong with Me, Physically?

What is wrong with me symptoms

In another situation, physical symptoms of anxiety can also trigger us into wondering what’s wrong with me, physically.

Consider this: you have joined your dream job and after a period of time, you are asked to deliver the presentation to your seniors.

In the conference room, your palms and forehead are dripping in sweat. Before everyone arrives, you have gulped over two to three bottles of water.

Yet, you still can’t stop your hands from shaking and you continue to sweat yourself out throughout the presentation.

This is how a physical state of being dehydrated or hyperventilated can induce anxiety in us, and makes our circle around the concern – what is wrong with me?

Take the “What’s Wrong with Me?” Quiz

After assessing these situational examples, there is a simple technique of finding out the causes that make us wonder – something is wrong with me, but I don’t know what!

Take this simple what’s wrong with me quiz, answer these questions by yourself and figure out the origin of anxiety.

The answers will certainly differ from person to person, considering how they revolve around personal experiences and social perceptions.

These set of questions can be answered in multiple angles, so it can be a “what’s wrong with me, mentally?” quiz as well as a “what’s wrong with me, physically?” quiz.

  • Do you know your biggest fear?
  • Do you know the point where you are at the best of your confidence?
  • Will you quit when this biggest fear of yours is pitted against your prime level of confidence?
  • What would your partner say is the best thing about you?
  • What would your parents, mentors or trainers say is the worst thing about you?
  • Can you list down things that you can do without anyone’s help?
  • Can you picture yourself a winner in uphill situations?
  • Which pet would you have? Or will you consider having a pet?
  • What’s your dream career? And, where are you on its roadmap?
  • Complete this: “I wish I was more…”
  • Complete this: “I wish I was less…”

The answers to these questions will help you steer clear of anxiety issues. You can also twist the questions to get a hint of both mental and physical trigger points of anxiety.

From your genes and habits to your lifestyle choices, parenting impact and relationships, anything can make you wonder “what is wrong with me?” Failing in deeds or making mistakes should not be overvalued.

Always remember, anxiety is self-sustaining and will continue to create its own symptoms. But, at the same time, it is treatable – provided your conscience plays a key role in making the right choices and avoiding the influence of anxiety.

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