How to Make Yourself Sneeze: 12 Easy Ways To Make You Sneeze

how to make yourself sneeze

How to make yourself sneeze? We have all experienced a time when we are just about to sneeze, and somehow it gets suppressed. Not being able to sneeze is extremely uncomfortable and annoying.

We sneeze to eliminate the irritants in the nose. Sneezing is a complicated process that involves the brain, lungs, trachea, diaphragm, stomach muscles, sinuses, and nose.

When you sneeze, your eyes shut, and droplets of mucus leave your nose and enter the air. Making yourself sneeze is simple and can be a huge relief.

There are many easy and simple ways of making yourself sneeze. Let us see how to make yourself sneeze on purpose.

How to Make Yourself Sneeze on Demand?

A myriad of reasons why you might want to make yourself sneeze include nasal congestion, release pressure, or to get relief from a sneezing sensation.

If you can’t sneeze, here are 12 easy ways to make yourself sneeze on demand:

1. Tickle Your Nose with a Feather, Cotton Wisp, or Tissue

Tickling your nose is a simple way to sneeze on purpose. The irritation of the inside of your nose will surely make you sneeze. Humming at the same time will make you sneeze repeatedly.

2. Look at a Bright Light

Sunlight is the best way to induce a sneeze. But you should be mindful about not hurting your eyes, so look at the sun indirectly.

You can also look at a different light source like a bulb or fluorescent light. Closing your eyes just before gazing at the light source may make you sneeze sooner.

3. Sniff a Spice

Sniffing spices such as pepper, coriander or cumin powder, Indian curry powder can make you sneeze on purpose.

Black, white, or red pepper contains a stimulant called piperine which acts as an irritant to the nerve endings in your nose. Just one sniff can surely do the trick, and you will be sneezing in no time.

4. Tweeze Your Eyebrows or Pluck Your Nasal Nose

Tweezing your eyebrows or plucking nasal hair is certainly painful but it can make you sneeze. Pull out your nasal hair with a forceful jerk. This will irritate your facial nerve endings and stimulate the nasal nerve.

5. Stimulate the Roof of Your Mouth

The same nerve which connects your eyebrows and your nose runs along the roof of your mouth. Touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, reaching it back as far as you can. This process will stimulate the nerve and make you sneeze.

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6. Breathing in Cold Air

Breathing in cold air stimulates the nerve and irritates the inside of your nose and make you sneeze. If it is warm outside, simply open your freezer door to get a whiff of cold air.

7. Eat Dark Chocolate

There can’t be a better way to sneeze than treating yourself to dark chocolate. When you wonder how to make yourself sneeze, eating dark chocolate can be the answer.

The high cocoa content in a dark chocolate bar can help you sneeze on demand. Eating chocolate to make you sneeze is extremely effective for anyone who doesn’t regularly eat dark chocolate.

8. Take a Whiff of Perfume

Taking a whiff of perfume can be very effective to sneeze on purpose. Perfumes, particularly those with minty aromas, irritate your inner nostrils. It is best not to squirt the perfume directly into your nostrils, but to breathe in the aroma.

9. Drink a Fizzy Drink

How to induce sneezing while enjoying a drink? Have a soda or carbonated drinks to tickle your nose. The carbon dioxide infused into the drink creates bubbles which force you to sneeze. Some people also sneeze after drinking alcohol or cough syrup.

The carbon dioxide infused into the drink creates bubbles which force you to sneeze. Some people also sneeze after drinking alcohol or cough syrup.

10. Use Water

How to make yourself sneeze by simply using water? Inhaling warm salt water can make you sneeze on demand.

Put warm water into a small cup and add a small amount of salt to it. Inhale the mixture or put your nose in it and tilt your head backward. This can instantly cause a sneeze.

11. Pinch Your Nose and Hum

Another answer to your question ‘how to force a sneeze,’ is pinching your nose and humming.

Placing your fingers on the bridge of your nose and humming at the same time stimulates the nerves in your nose causing you to sneeze. These nerves can also be stimulated by rubbing the bridge of your nose.

12. Use a Slightly Harder Object

Taking a cotton swab, pen, pencil or a toothpick and inserting it into your nose will surely make you sneeze. The hard object will stimulate the nerves inside your nose and make you sneeze.

If you use this technique to force a sneeze, then you should be careful because you can damage the inside of your nose.


You sneeze to get rid of irritation in your nose. Nerves in your nose when stimulated cause you to sneeze.

So to make yourself sneeze, you should find ways to stimulate the nerves. You may notice that some techniques work better for you than others. This is because each person is different and so is his body. You should be cautious while using certain objects that may cause harm.

If you are allergic to perfumes or other irritants, it is better to opt for other methods mentioned to make yourself sneeze. If you notice blood after sneezing, please consult a physician.

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