Diarrhea after eating: List of Causes, Risks, and Treatment

Diarrhea after eating

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We will resolve your every query in this critical article that covers everything you need to know about the causes, side treatments, and risks associated once someone gets Diarrhea after eating.

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Define Postprandial Diarrhea?

Postprandial Diarrhea occurs when you have taken the meal. This type of Diarrhea happens unexpectedly, and there is an urge to use the washroom quite often.

People suffering from postprandial Diarrhea suffers from excruciating bowel movements; the pain is so much that one needs to use the washroom urgently.

Although this ailment is quite common, the trickiest part is to diagnose the disease, as postprandial Diarrhea can sometimes be the symptom of some other condition.

Like we can see in the case of an ailment known as irritable bowel syndrome, postprandial Diarrhea occurs.

Hence postprandial Diarrhea can occur because of some other disease or can also occur without any reason.

Two types of occurrences are there for postprandial Diarrhea, one is the acute that lasts for a short time, whereas Chronic lasts for a longer time.


Various Causes of Diarrhea after eating

Diarrhea after eating is not only caused by some indigestion. It is caused by certain specific conditions which we will explain in this article:

Causes of Diarrhea after eating

Infections by Virus

Some people observe Diarrhea after eating, but that can be because of some viral infections in the stomach, that might lead to cramps and frequent urge of passing stool.

Diarrhea is caused by a virus, takes time to heal, as all other viral infections take place.

Lacto Intolerant

Some people have complained about Diarrhea after eating milk products as they might be Lacto intolerant and have allergies to lactose.

Other symptoms associated with Diarrhea to lactose-intolerant people are cramps in the abdomen, bloating in the stomach, etc.

Food Poison

There are chances of eating stale or contaminated food, most people suffer from Diarrhea if they eat from some unhygienic place or they eat spoiled food.

The body takes out the contaminated food through Diarrhea and vomiting, which is nothing but a food poison.

Intolerance with Sugar

This condition is similar to what Lacto intolerant people feel. Unlike lactose, people can’t digest fructose and sucrose.

If the sugar reaches the intestinal tract, it causes bloating and Diarrhea.

Intolerance with Gluten

There are not people who suffer from eating milk products or sugar, but also people are intolerant with gluten.

People who consume bread or anything which has gluten, they are unable to digest the gluten. Hence, they suffer Diarrhea after eating those gluten-rich foods.

Bile Acid Issues

The job of gallbladder is to produce bile that helps break down, and that helps digest fat in the food.

What happens is that when the bile acid isn’t properly absorbed. These create pain in the intestines, and people suffer from Diarrhea.

People also pass very loose stools, and experience bloating.


Risks Involved with Diarrhea after eating

Some of the common risks involved in having Diarrhea after eating are as under:


If you have suffered from Diarrhea after eating. There are chances that inflammation can occur in the large intestine.

There are high chances that people can have Colitis, As Colitis can also have issues like gas and abdominal cramps.


 Dumping Syndrome

What happens when someone is suffering from dumping syndrome? The stomach empties very quickly after eating

There can be issues in having bowel movements, which causes Diarrhea after eating.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a symptom that causes several issues in the digestive tract.

You feel the urge to pass stools all the time, and a burning sensation occurs.


Treatment for Diarrhea after eating

The following treatments can treat people suffering from Diarrhea after eating.

Avoiding foods that cause it

People are allergic to certain food products. Hence they should not eat foods which don’t suit them, like milk products, gluten or Sugar.

Some people can have Diarrhea after eating fatty kinds of stuff, more fibrous food, etc.

Treatment for Diarrhea after eating

Maintaining Good Hygiene and Eating Fresh

It is essential to see the hygiene of the place you are having food, as sometimes bacteria which are not suitable for our health can prove harmful.

Cook the food at a proper temperature and store the remaining in the refrigerator after consumption covered.

Reducing any amount of stress

Although this might be unusual, stress sometimes does take a lot of toll on one’s health.

If you get stressed very quickly, it does affect your stomach. Keeping stress, free life not only helps one mentally but also keeps the digestion perfect.


Final Verdict on Diarrhea after Eating

It is essential to understand that the article mentioned above describes the causes, treatment, and risks associated with Diarrhea after eating.

But is that the only thing!!!

It should always be kept in mind that Diarrhea after eating is shared with people having bad eating habits.

However, it becomes a little disturbing and terrifying if the Diarrhea is caused because of some other symptoms.

Diarrhea after eating can become life-threatening only if there are issues related to other diseases in the gastrointestinal tract.

Hence this becomes very important to treat this disease properly for people where this doesn’t go away after following necessary medication.

Consult with the doctor immediately, if you see any discoloration of stools, or watery stools occurring over a more extended period and get it examined in time

I hope with this article. You might have got some relevant information about the occurrence of Diarrhea after eating, what its causes are, how to diagnose and treat this condition.

We hope you continue reading our articles to get all the essential information.




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