Can’t Stop Burping? Common Causes and Home Remedies for Constant Burping

Can't Stop Burping

Burping is a body function which allows you to expel air present in the stomach through your mouth. It is the excessive air that you swallow while eating. However, constant burping can cause discomfort as you can’t stop burping.

Burping occurs due to excessive expansion or distension of the stomach due to the excessive air swallowed. This is accompanied by diarrhea and other stomach problems. Burping is common among both adults and babies.

Though burping is socially acceptable, smelly, loud and consistent burps can make you feel awkward. Here in this article, we will answer questions like why you can’t stop burping and how to stop burping?

Common Reasons Why You Can’t Stop Burping?

There can be many underlying causes as to why you can’t stop burping? Here we will see some of the most common causes of constant burping:

1. Hurried Eating

When you gulp your food hurriedly it makes you swallow pockets of air which then leads to burping. Hasty eating can make you gulp down food hurriedly without proper chewing which may cause many digestion problems leading to an upset stomach.

You should eat slowly, chew the food properly to reduce burping or belching.

2. Excessive Yawning

If you tend to yawn a lot, it also may be a reason why you can’t stop burping. Yawning makes you swallow a large amount of air which directly goes to the stomach or lungs.

This causes very smelly burps and uncontrollable belching. Yawning is a sign of sleepiness, boredom, or it indicates fatigue. To avoid this, you should try some physical activities and remain active throughout the day.

3. Anxiety

Anxiety being a psychiatric disorder has a profound connection with burping. According to University of Michigan Health System, when a person has anxiety, he or she swallows air to cope with the situation.

This leads to belching. The air can also get eliminated from the body as gas. During pregnancy, the digestion process and the breaking down of food are slowed down to a certain extent which results in gas in the stomach and leads to burping.

4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is also known as IBS, and it causes many problems like diarrhea, constipation, constant burping, bloating, and cramping.

It directly affects the large intestines and leads to severe digestive problems. To get rid of this the only significant change you can bring is have a good nutritious diet and introduce exercise routines in your lifestyle.

5. Gastroparesis

This is a condition where the food is not pushed down from the stomach to the next digestive structure. It results because the muscles are not strong enough for the activity. This makes the food stay in the stomach for an extended period resulting in problems like nausea, vomiting, and constant burping.

6. Acidic Foods

Consuming acidic foods can lead to excessive burping due to acid reflux. If the stomach acid goes in your throat you may have sore throat and hoarseness. If the acid gets into your mouth you may get a bitter taste and the tooth enamel may erode.

7. Gastric Cancer

Cancer in the stomach can result in many digestion related problems such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and you just can’t stop burping. The only solution here is treating cancer and eating right.

Home Remedies to Stop Burping Now

Going natural is the best option to treat can’t stop burping problem. Here are some of the most efficient excessive burping treatments to help you know how to stop continuous burping or how to get rid of continuous burping. Some of them are:

1. Changing Eating Habits

Changing your diet and the way you eat can help stop burping. Some of the common tips are:

  • Eat light and nutritious food
  • Eat slowly
  • Chew your food properly

This will reduce the amount of air being swallowed helping you to get rid of the constant burping. Gulping down food also leads to taking in a lot of air while eating, so it is very important to not just swallow food but chew it properly to stop burp.

2. Tea

Starting your day with a cup of hot tea is good for your digestive system. You can consume it in the following ways:

  • Add some mint to your tea; this reduces the accumulation of gas in your stomach and stops burp.
  • Have herbal tea after every meal if you can’t stop burping.
  • Chamomile tea right before bed helps in improving digestion by eliminating gas from your stomach.

3. Mint or Cloves

Mint is an effective ingredient if you can’t stop burping. It helps a lot to improve digestion. Some ways to have mint are:

  • Add mint essence in cold water and have it for two weeks.
  • Peppermint tea is a better option to improve bowel’s spasmodic movements.
  • Chewing clove leaf right after eating helps in improving digestion.

4. Ginger

It is an effective ingredient to reduce belching. You can consume ginger in the following ways to get the results:

  • You can take it as a marinade, seasoning or a supplement
  • Having a supplement after every meal helps stop burping
  • A cup of ginger tea every morning helps reduce belching

Ginger is an excellent ingredient to soothe the imbalance created in the digestive system and helps eliminate excessive gas accumulated in the stomach which in turn treats your constant burping

5. Cardamom

These are used to treat overactive stomach. If you can’t stop burping due to extreme muscle spasms, cardamoms help in reducing the same. You can simply boil with water and have the solution while warm. This tea will help regulate the muscle spasms which automatically stops burping.

6. Asafetida

This is a very useful component that helps in reducing burping or belching by releasing excessive gas from the body. You can consume it by boiling it in water along with ginger powder and salt. This can also be used as a seasoning to flavor cabbage and other gaseous food to balance them.

7. Avoid Wrong Foods

If you can’t stop burping it is very important to look into your diet. Just adding the above components will not help completely unless you eliminate the foods which create excessive gas in your body. The removal of gas will only take place when something more is not put into the body. So just keep away from gaseous vegetables and foods to avoid constant burping.

These are some of the simple home remedies which you can try if you can’t stop burping. It will surely help if followed as shown and on a regular basis.

Constant  Burping, Should You Be Worried?

It is difficult to share your burping problems with friends and ask for help. Even if you do some people might not take you seriously. Burping too much can be distressing at times. The above-mentioned home medicines are easy, but before that, you should know the causes of continuous burping.

But if these remedies fail to relieve you it is advised to visit a doctor or a gastroenterologist to guide you through the problems with your GI tract and treat you for the same.

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