Atychiphobia: List of Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


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Atychiphobia is the absurd fear of failure that comes under the category of specific mood phobia under anxiety disorder.

BUT don’t be surprised to know that it could also have a significant mental impact on the patient’s mind, which makes failure or disappointment extremely terrifying.

Before we deep dive into Atychiphobia, let’s deep dive and understand the basics of phobia first.

This is many times misunderstood with general anxiety. However, the main difference being that phobia is always concentrated on something particular in place.

As per the research conducted by various organizations in the United States, it has been observed that out of 20 million people in the US, it is women and children that have been significantly impacted by Atychiphobia.

Some of the conventional treatments include doctor advises medication and medical therapy under extreme conditions. Thus, we must have understood that it is nothing but a disorder where a person might experience fear and terror from failure or disgusting disappointments.

In this definitive guide, we will try to cover the symptoms, causes, and treatment techniques of Atychiphobia disorder. This will help you make a rational decision and would clear all the doubts regarding the fear of failure or disappointment.


What are the Symptoms of Atychiphobia Disorder?

It is easy to identify the symptoms with the triggers. Here, in the case of Atychiphobia, the symptoms might be observable when triggered to failure like situation.

Symptoms of Atychiphobia Disorder

Also, these might be trigger just by thinking about them in real life. Let us understand them and make a list for better knowledge;

  • Momentous increase in the heartbeat.
  • Severe panic heart attacks.
  • Numerous stomach aches and chest aching.
  • Consistent vomiting sensations.
  • Extra sweeting than regular once.
  • Severe Temperature flashes.
  • Unable to be thoughtful about the fear or anxiety.
  • Unreasonable and frustrating mood swings.
  • Sudden anxiety and fearful thoughts and dreams.


The most common symptom of Atychiphobia is fear or trauma associated with any possible combination of failing and related scenarios. The possibilities are just endless.

The fear is so obstinate that it might take as long as 6-12 months to overcome it and live a normal healthy life completely.

If the fear is overextended then this might result in the following;

  1. Tough nervous breakdown.
  2. Rapid disastrous situation.
  3. Body Weight loss and hazy feeling.
  4. Suicidal inclinations.
  5. Feeling of severe pain and death like situation.


Another possibility of self-handicapping is observable in Atychiphobia. The patient is so much in fear that his body stops responding to him.


What are the Causes of Atychiphobia Disorder?

Atychiphobia comes under the category of specific mood phobias under anxiety disorder, and the cause of specific phobias is challenging to identify.

However, we have tried to classify it under the below three categories for easy understanding.


Cause of AtychiphobiaUnderstanding or Explanation
1. Change in Mind FunctioningIt might be due to a past experience of very bad failure.
2. Influence of geneticsIt might be transferred to you from your family tree.
3. Bad ExperienceIt might be due to a traumatic experience related to failure or disappointment. 


Observational Learning Experience Theory states that if the patient has seen someone failing very severely in any situation, then they might also develop the same phobia.

For example, if you were taught by a teacher who is afraid of failing in life, then you might also develop the same fear knowingly or unknowingly.

Storytelling is an art, but this could also be one of the main reasons behind Atychiphobia as people tend to learn by listening or hearing to others in charge.


Age Group of ChildrenFear from the triggers.
1-10 years of ageTriggers like noise, darkness or bad experience with strangers.
10-18 years of ageTriggers like parental pressure, performance pressure etc.


Treatment of Atychiphobia

The human mind is straightforward and ridiculously complex. Some parts of the brain can store past experiences in this case related to fear of failure or sudden disappointment.

Treatment of Atychiphobia

Some of the widespread changes that one can do for treatment are explained below;

  1. Routine Management and Changing Patterns

An active lifestyle impacts both personal and professional life. It can have a very positive impact on the human brain and could be a very operative intermediate to reduce the effects of Atychiphobia.

Regular yoga and a healthy diet could be the initial steps, to begin with, a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Medicine for Atychiphobia

Medication for Atychiphobia is quite similar to other phobias. However, the dosage might differ from case to case.

We recommend proper advice from doctors, along with antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications, to resolve it.

MedicinesEffect on the human body
SedativesGiving a relaxing experience by reducing anxiety.
Beta-blockersReduce high heart rate by controlling body adrenaline.


  1. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy is the most mutual technique approved by many therapists in the world to treat Atychiphobia and its symptoms.

This method involved sudden publicity to the trigger of fear in a very meticulous simulated environment.

This a deconditioning contrivance that pointedly reduces the impact of fear or anxiety disorder.

However, understand that this has been done in the skilled psychoanalyst simulated rooms only, or else it could have a very unadorned impact on people.


Final Verdict on Atychiphobia

Parents with children having Atychiphobia should immediately consult a doctor and get the treatment done; otherwise, it could stick with them for a lifetime.

Proper explanation, guidance, and love will support kinds to come over this traumatic disorder.

Thus, at one point, if you feel that Atychiphobia is not treatable, BUT ALWAYS keep in mind that there is hope. So you can easily overcome the fear and anxiety by learning to master the triggers of Atychiphobia.

With the right routine, physiatrist therapy, and proper dosage of medication, people can live a vigorous and peaceful life without any medical annoyances.



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