Top 10 Substitutes for Vegetable Oil

Substitutes for vegetable oil

There are a couple of reasons to use substitutes for vegetable oil. What happens when you realize you ran out of vegetable oil while baking the brownies? Obviously, you are going to find the substitutes for vegetable oil.

Another reason is, vegetable oil is known to carry unhealthy trans fats and processed with chemical solvents. Some recent studies have demonstrated that the vegetable oils can cause serious health issues (1).

In these cases, it is appropriate to seek a healthy alternative for the vegetable oil.

Not all substitutes for vegetable oil are treated equally though. Some are highly versatile, such as olive oil and butter, while others are more restricted, like mashed fruit. Therefore, choosing a right substitute for vegetable oil depends on what food is being prepared.

Regardless, experimenting with a substitute can sometimes be rewarding for creativity and health/well-being. This article gives information on different types of substitutes for vegetable oil along with which foods it is compatible with.

Healthy Substitutes for Vegetable Oil

1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a healthier substitute for vegetable oil (2). The reason is olive oil contains monounsaturated fats which are essential to heart health and regulation of blood sugars.

This type of oil is suitable for frying because it has a high smoke point. A high smoke point is ideal for frying food, but olive oil is no longer healthy once it has past its smoke point. It is best to use olive oil at room temperature; for example, use olive oil for marinades and dressings.

2. Coconut Oil

Like olive oil, coconut oil is also versatile and a healthier replacement for vegetable oil. It is extracted from the coconut meat. The coconut oil contains a saturated fat called lauric acid, and it is known to help with healthy cholesterol levels.

Coconut oil comes as a solid, and it melts when exposed to heat. You can use coconut oil in cakes and other baked goods because of its nutty flavor and texture. Coconut oil’s replacement ratio to vegetable oil is 1:1.

3. Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is a healthy alternative due to the type of fats it holds. It has an abundance of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which help lower cholesterol. Sesame oil has two antioxidant compounds called sesamol and sesamin, which can help you keep your blood pressure in control.

It has a nutty flavor, and it’s best to cook with stir-fries and beef. Sesame oil is not recommended for baking because of its strong flavor.

4. Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is an ideal substitution for vegetable oil, for a couple of reasons. First reason is its versatility. It has a high smoke point, and it is good for many dishes, such as stir-fries, salad dressings, sauces, and grilled food. The second reason is its healthy nutrition.

Avocados are rich in a monounsaturated fat called oleic acid, antioxidants and beta carotene which is essential for eye health. The downsides to this oil are its expensive and not suitable for baking. The replacement ratio for avocado oil is 1:1.

5. Flaxseed Oil

The flaxseed oil made it on the list of substitutes for vegetable oil due to its health properties. Flaxseed oil has a plethora of plant-based omega-3s called alpha-linolenic acids. This type of omega-3 is known to reduce cholesterol. Also, recent studies show flaxseed oil has soluble fiber which gives it a laxative effect (3).

There are a couple of drawbacks for using flaxseed oil. It is best to buy it in small batches, use quickly, and store in the refrigerator. It is also not recommended for heating because heat destroys this oil. With that being said, it is good for salads, cold pasta, and as a drizzle for meats and vegetables.

6. Butter

Butter is a suitable substitution for vegetable oil for two reasons. First, it has a similar lipid composition when you heat the butter to a liquid. Another reason is it gives your food better texture and taste than the vegetable oil.

It is ideal for baking, and it gives baked goods a light, crisp body. Besides baked good, butter is also suitable for fish, meat, vegetables, pasta dishes, and noodles.

7. Mayonnaise

This seems like a strange replacement for vegetable oil, but mayonnaise is the raw eggs and oil mix. You can use mayonnaise for baking and frying. As a cooking agent, it gives baked goods a moist body due to its fat content. Yo can also be used for pan frying or baking meats, fish, and vegetables. The replacement value is 1:1.

8. Applesauce

Applesauce is a nutritious substitute for vegetable oil when it comes to baking. It is low in fat, and it gives baked goods a moist body and sweet taste. It is wise to cut back on the sugar in the recipe when you use the applesauce. A baker can use this for muffins, cakes, cookies, and other baked goods with chocolate as the main ingredient.

9. Mashed Fruit

Using mashed fruit, like bananas, in baking gives the food extra nutrition and healthier sugars. Other fruits that can be used are pears and apples. While preparing mashed fruit, you can add a little water to get it to its ideal texture. Mashed bananas are mostly limited to chocolate based desserts, whereas pears and apples are more adaptable.

10. Plain, Non-Fat Yogurt

The fatty lipids make yogurt a healthier choice than vegetable oil. Since yogurt contains liquid, it is better not to add additional water a recipe for baked goods. It is great to use in bread, such as zucchini, banana, and cranberry.

How to Use Vegetable Oil Substitutes for Cooking Cakes, Brownies, and Muffins.

Using a vegetable oil substitute for cakes, brownies, and muffins is rather simple. As shown in the section above, the majority of the ratio substitution is 1:1. An example of how to use substitutes is taking a half cup each of mayonnaise and applesauce, and replace it with 1 cup of vegetable oil.

The only concern is if the substitute for vegetable oil is going to impair the flavor. The alternative doesn’t always need to be an oil. Mashed fruit, applesauce, and yogurt are great substitutions, yet coconut and olive oil are also known as great substitutes.

Cakes, brownies, and muffins are known to be loaded with sugar and fat. Picking a right substitute for vegetable oil can enhance your food’s flavor and nutrition value. It takes out some of the unhealthy fats and sugars and replaces it with fats and natural sugars the body needs to function.

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