How Long Do Shrooms Stay in Your System?

How long do shrooms stay in your system

What are Shrooms? How Long Do Shrooms Stay in Your System?

‘Shrooms,’ as the name suggests is a wide category of mushroom. They are also known as “Magic Mushrooms.”

This name is due to the magical effect they have on one’s brain. How long do shrooms stay in your system? It depends on factors like age, mass, and height of an individual.

One can eat shrooms in salads, pizza, and similar items. Shrooms act as a recreational drug. People have been using them for nine thousand years.

Shroom is a type of fungus which can have a positive, negative or neutral effect. The effects depend on their usage. The most common result is a hallucination. Shroom is also used in medical science.

They help in the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress and even addiction. However, one should maintain proper dosage for the same.

It might be that you have been consuming shrooms for a long time and want a break now. You might want to know how long do shrooms stay in your system? Let us look at the same.

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How Long Do Shrooms Stay in Your System?

Shrooms are also called ‘psilocybin mushrooms.’ This name is because of the chemical it produces. The chemical ‘psilocybin’ is responsible for the hallucinatory effects.

More than 200 varieties of mushrooms contain this chemical. The presence of these shrooms can be detected in the body through drug tests.

How Long Do Shrooms Stay in Your System?

The main hallucinogenic effects last for three to six hours. However, the chemical compound named psilocybin can remain present in blood and urine even when you are not under its impact.

The duration of hallucinogenic results depends on how much compound has been ingested.

The psilocybin reaches the bloodstream after its entrance into the body. It takes around forty minutes. It enters the highest concentration within ninety minutes. The effects of the drug are at peak at that time.

Eighty percent of metabolite gets cleared in the first eight hours after its use. The remaining metabolite may remain present in the form of fat for weeks. These are detectable through a urine test or hair follicle drug testing.

A urinary test can detect shrooms up to 2-5 days, and saliva test can detect the psilocybin up to 1-5 days. Hair Follicle drug testing can detect any drug for up to 90 days after use. It is because the metabolites get completely locked in hair follicles.

It is a myth that shrooms can stay in your spine forever. The shrooms, after metabolizing run its course and excrete from the body.

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Factors that Determine How Long Do Shrooms Stay in Your System?

Various factors determine exactly how long does shroom stay in your system. The best answer to this question may depend on the reason for asking this question.

Different factors can affect the rate at which the body metabolizes psilocybin.

1. Age

Old people have difficulty in metabolism and excretion of most substances. Young people can do it more easily. Thus, age can be an essential factor in determining how long shrooms stay in your system.

2. Physical Activities

Physical activities can have a great impact on how long do shrooms stay in your system. Exercising and performing physical activities can increase the rate of metabolism and excretion.

Thus, shrooms will stay for a shorter period. Physical activities help to determine how long do shrooms last in your body. 

3. Weight and Height

Weight and height also have an impact on how long does shroom stay in your system. The larger the mass of the body, it takes lesser time to excrete psilocybin.

Thus, people with higher amount of body fat can excrete drugs at a faster rate.

4. Food and Water Intake

In an empty stomach, it is easier to absorb shrooms compared to consuming it with a meal or after eating.

Consequently, excretion also takes faster on an empty stomach. Proper hydration also helps in ingestion and getting rid of psilocybin faster. Thus, it determines how long do shrooms last in your system.

5. Liver and Kidney Function

Impaired liver or kidney function can slow down the process of excretion of these metabolites. Therefore, it can also affect how long do shrooms last.

6. Genetics

How long do shrooms last in your system also depends on the genetics of an individual. Genetics can determine the rate of metabolism of a body. A faster metabolism will clear psilocybin from the body at a quicker pace.

7. Urinary pH

Lower urinary pH helps in clearance of psilocybin at a faster rate. Consumption of meats, alcohol, and sugars leads to more moderate urinary pH. Fruits and vegetables result in higher urinary pH.

8. Mushroom Species

Different species of mushrooms contain different amount of psilocybin. Shrooms containing a higher amount of psilocybin stay longer in the body.

Thus, species of mushroom also determine how long shrooms remain in your system. Higher consumption of shroom will need more time for excretion.

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How Does Shrooms Affect Your System?

We have understood how long do shrooms stay in your system. Let us now understand how shroom can affect you and your body.

Magic mushrooms can free the mind and can also help in curing stress, anxiety, and depression. Once you consume shrooms, your body will absorb the psilocybin.

This process takes place by converting the compound into psilocin. It will cause a change in mood and sensory perception. Your receptor site will take it up. The reason for this is the similar chemical structure of psilocin and serotonin.

The psilocin then starts working like the serotonin. It is because of the same chemical structure of the both.

One will start noticing auditory hallucinations, visual distortions, and nervous euphoria. Seeing sounds and hearing colors can be a common phenomenon in such case.

Side Effects of Shrooms on Your Body

The side effects of shrooms will vary from person to person. They depend on factors like how long does shroom stay in your system. How much of shroom you consume and also the duration for which you take it determines the same.

There can be many mental and physical effects of mushrooms. One must keep in mind all effects and side-effects of shrooms before consuming it.

Shrooms can make you feel anxious and alter your sense of time. They can distort your sense of reality. Sometimes, they can make you feel elated. They may give you the feeling of leaving the body and uniting with nature.

Shrooms also result in numbness of the body. They can dilate your pupil, increase your sensitivity to touch and enhance sweating. It may also lead to frequent urination, and you may see vibrant colors and lights.

The side effects of shrooms also cause muscle spasms and cramps. Nausea, diarrhea, and loss of appetite are also common. Hallucination is the most common disorder. It may happen due to high dosage of shrooms.

Panic attacks, changes in mood, loss of coordination also occurs from shroom intake. Confusion and increased blood pressure too might occur in some people.

Several long-term effects include a change in thinking pattern and changes in mood. The harmful side effect generally occurs because poisonous mushrooms look similar to shrooms.

They can cause diseases like stomach cramps and might end up with serious problems. Eventually, death also can occur. Thus, you should take care while choosing the shrooms and avoid overdosage.

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Consume shroom for treatment of diseases after consulting a doctor. There may be a potential danger associated with it.

People with high blood pressure should avoid the consumption of shrooms. Consider all the factors and side effects of its use.

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