Health Benefits Of Triphala Churna

Health Benefits Of Triphala churna

Triphala Churna is one of the best universal remedies. It is an Ayurvedic property.

The word Triphala signifies three fruits Tri means three and Phala means fruit.

It is a herbal powder which anyone can buy it.

It cures multiplex ailments or diseases like digestive tract disorder, eye related ailments etc.

It is made of three fruits like Amla, Haritaki and Bibhitaki.

Triphala Churna is highly nutritious and useful for physiological activities of the human body.

It can keep our body active and ailments free.

If you go for daily intake this Triphala Churna, your health will become better and better gradually.

It is being sold across the world like a hot cake.

This modern age is replete with enormous polluted things.

As a result, people are suffering from several diseases.

According to the statistic data, It has been found/observed that most of the people are suffering from stomach related ailments and Triphala has been thoroughly proved for its magic healing.

It is becoming popular day by day due to its result-oriented health benefits across the world.

One has to spend a lot of money on stomach borne diseases.

A little stomach disorder can take the great shape of the disease. Hence its consumption is essential to combat or keep away expected infections.


Benefits of Triphala Churna

The benefits of Triphala Churna is beyond imagination.

If you take it regularly, more and more benefits can be noticed by you.

1) Beneficial for Eye ailments

Triphala is considered one of the best tonics for the eyes.

It keeps our eyesight up to the right track.

Triphala Churna can combat various kinds of eyes troubles or ailments like cataract, glaucoma and conjunctivitis etc.

The powders can be consumed orally as well as you use as an eyewash to appease eye infection or burning sensation.

Honey and ghee, along with Triphala Churna, are said to be the best curative and rejuvenate therapy for eye disorders/ailments.

Most of the people are suffering from computer vision syndrome in this fast-growing digital technology.

The employees have to sit on computer hourly or 8 to 9 hours, which leads to the eye strain/eye fatigue.

It may be long driving or other digital devices, which are flooding into the market day by day.

Computer, Mobile and Laptop these three things especially leads to the more considerable eye strain.

Hence Triphala is playing the critical role to combat this thing.

The entire world is moving on these things.


2) Beneficial for digestion / digestive ailments

It is considered the best remedy for stomach disorder like gas, belching and lose motion etc.

It regulates bowel movements.

It makes our rectal muscles very strong.

If you suffer from these ailments, It may lead to giving birth to other disorder like headache, unrest, heart pain etc. These minor disorder/diseases turn into the big one.

As a result, the person has to spend a lot of money on the treatment our digestive system is considered as an engine of the vehicle.

If the engine is perfect, then everything is perfect. All the parts of the vehicle hinge on the driver only.

Similar top, this digestive system is the most crucial factor/fulcrum in the human body.

If it is healthy, then one can live longer / up to the ripe old age.

Hence the proverb goes on “A healthy stomach possesses a healthy body and healthy body possesses a sound mind, and the sound mind possesses wonderful creative ideas and greater stamina to do any work.”


3) An Effective Detoxifier

Indeed we eat so many things throughout the day to meet our demand or satisfaction.

It may be at home, during the journey, at the wedding ceremony and in a different party or occasions.

So it is not possible to escape or evade from eating anything.

Due to this enormous toxin is collected in our body.

Which is very harmful and give birth to various ailments Triphala Churna is an effective Detoxifier which can relieve toxin.

So take a tablespoon Triphala Churna and put it into a glass of water add-in that ginger and lemon also and boil it a bit and go for intake in a lukewarm condition.

The empty stomach takes it for at least one week. It will expel all toxins from the body make sure after being boiled strain it before taking it.


4) Enhance immunity Power

Triphala can build your immunity system to a higher level to combat the infections, which is caused significant staphylococcus bacteria, E. coli, and so on.

It boosts immunity because of its three Ayurvedic herbs like Amla has vitamin C, which is an antioxidant.

Harad has immune-modulatory properties which combat the infections.

Baheda stimulates the immune system.


5) Reduce weight/weight loss

It is very beneficial for the people those who are suffering from excess weight.

If you take 2-3 tablespoon Triphala Churna with warm water, It will reduce your weight and obesity.

Thousands of people are inflicted with excess weight, and they are taking various kinds of medicines or treatment but no use of / no avail of that.

They become the victim of hack and quack. They are looting them at their will.

Triphala is the best and cheapest remedy for reducing your weight.


6) Beneficial for Oral Hygiene

Triphala is the best herbal powder replete with antimicrobial properties to combat dental ailments or issues like gum disease, dental plaque, gingivitis, mouth ulcers, dental decay, sores and fungal infections.

Triphala rinse can make the teeth healthy and protect from several dental diseases.


7) Helps in healing wounds

Triphala churna can heal various kinds of injuries. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Hence it can carry out the wound healing recovery process.


8) Helps in Stimulating Hair growth

Triphala is replete with emollient properties. Hence it can stimulate hair growth.

It can be taken orally or applied by mixing water on hair.


9) Regulates Blood Pressure

If you take Triphala churna regularly.

It will regulate your blood pressure level, and you can be escaped from other expected illness.


10)Helpful in Mouth Smell

If you are facing the problem of bad mouth smell, you don’t need to be embarrassed just take Triphala Churna to add some honey in that and lick it. It will vanish/drive away your mouth smell thoroughly, or gargling can also be done with a little bit Triphala powder.


11)Relieves joint and Bone Pains

If you have joint or bone pains, take Triphala churna without any delay.

Mix it in some water and boil it to make the decoction.

It will release your pains.

It is considered the best nutrients also.

It can keep your bone healthy and drive away to the infirmity.


12)Beneficial for Children

Indeed the children generally suffer from frequent infections or ailments like fever, cold, cough etc. Then you can give them a little pinch of Triphala churna with water or milk mixing honey in that about less than ½ spoon, and the grown-up can be given one teaspoon.


13)Manage Diabetes

You can use Triphala to manage your blood sugar level.

It is an effective remedy to manage diabetes because it has digestive (Glycolytic) enzymes.

According to the Ayurvedic expert if you consume 5 g m of Triphala powder for 45 days.

It will decrease your blood glucose level.


14)Protects the Hair and Skin

Triphala can combat dermatological problems like eczema and acne because it contains enormous nutrients.

Hence it can maintain the beauty of hair and skin of our body.


15)Cures Dizziness

You may feel the motion of sickness or dizziness during the journey.

Then you must take this Triphala churna mix it with honey and lick it; you will feel better.

One can take it a little pinch of powder with honey every day also to combat dizziness or motion of sickness.


16)Helps in reducing Dark Circles

Triphala powder can cure dark circles, puffy eyes and tired eyes as well have an eyewash with this powder, you will feel quite soothing.


17)Healthy Hormonal Balance

Indeed imbalance of hormones can give birth to several other ailments.

Hence you may consume a teaspoonful Triphala Churna with warm water before sleeping of night.

It will regulate your balance of hormones if you are suffering from irregular menstrual cycles.


18)Cures Urinary Tract

Triphala Churna can cure urinary tract infections, especially Bladder infection.

It is born due to stagnant urine in the bladder, overeating tomato, and spinach causes bladder infection or tissue changes.

Hence Triphala Churna is considered the biggest powerful agent to clear and cure urinary tract thoroughly.


19)Improve Overall Heart Health

Indeed Heart is considered the most critical organ in the human body. Everything lings on the heart to carry out.

It is denoted like a sun which the entire solar system moves on, and Triphala is the best remedy to keep our Heart healthy

It brings down the cholesterol level. Also, It improves blood circulation.


20)Helpful in Brain Tumor

It is a useful Ayurvedic property to a cur brain tumour.

Triphala consists of Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki.

These properties are considered the best one for a brain tumour.


Side effects of Triphala

According to the Ayurvedic experts and feedback of the patient, It has been proved that there is no any kind of side effect in taking Triphala Churna.

Excessive intake of Triphala Churna may cause some burning sensation in the stomach.

One should take it according to the instruction of the Ayurvedic Physician only.

As a matter of fact “Excessive intake of anything is called poison.”

After all this medicinal/herbal powder, So one should be very careful about it.

Triphala should be taken only by the condition of the ailments.


Final Verdict

The most demanded and effective Triphala Ayurvedic remedy has cured thousands of people so far across the world.

Its consumption is beyond imagination or statistic world data research.

Triphala is an effective antidote of several ailments in the human body.

It is the biggest soon for us.

Indeed greater awareness is required to spread this Triphala Churna to every house to live a healthy life.

It is readily available and affordable as well, so the proverb goes on “A small sparkle of fire can burn the entire forest.”

Similar to this, a small ailment or disease can make your body.

Disrupted or deteriorated due to lack of proper medicine or remedy.

Hence Triphala is evergreen and elixir of life.





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